Month: May 2013

DIY – Holistic Facial Toner

Hey everyone….I’m so excited to do this post because I’m going to share with you my #1 beauty tip [and secret]. I’ve been using it for a few weeks and my skins looks amazing. I’ve battled acne for years, tried every skincare product, and spent lots of money on facials and dermatologists. I wish I…

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Tieman’s Coffee

I’m so proud to be a healthy graduate of Starbucks, The Coffee Bean, and even Peets. I’m so over those places not having milk alternatives for me (dairy just freaks me out). I just think its not modern and courteous to current diets. Anyways – onwards. I love Whole Foods Market’s Allegro brand and they…

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Make Your Vision Board

Making your own vision board states what you want the immediate future to bring. I’ve had great success with all of the ones I’ve made and I’m just finishing up my latest one. It’s less “stuff” I want , but more experiences like travel, courage, work experiences, and of course more love! It’s so easy…

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