Tieman’s Coffee

20130515-190752.jpgI’m so proud to be a healthy graduate of Starbucks, The Coffee Bean, and even Peets. I’m so over those places not having milk alternatives for me (dairy just freaks me out). I just think its not modern and courteous to current diets.

Anyways – onwards. I love Whole Foods Market’s Allegro brand and they always seem to have almond milk ready on the coffee bar which I LOVE. Lately, I’ve been turned onto Tieman’s Coffee (also available at Whole Foods Markets). Better than the average cup of Joe….Tieman’s has super antioxidants – matcha, roobios, and goji berry – and to top it’s awesomeness off – it’s low acid.

For more information on Tieman’s Coffee – visit their website! http://www.tiemans.com/

Thank you to my health coach extraordinaire, Chassie Bell for the recommendation!

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