Sat Nam, My Friends [kundalini yoga post]


I am ecstatic right now. I just took my first kundalini yoga class in San Diego. I’ve taken classes in Los Angeles before, but not in my beachy little town of Encinitas! Let me tell you, I am blown away. I completely left my body for an hour and 15 minutes, I connected with my soul and it chanted to me….. BE BRAVE. Yep – pretty profound and I’m going back for more! 

Soul of Yoga is the place to be on Thursday nights with the brilliant and moving teacher, Bri Dwight (I really loved her story on her website and I connected with her. Go there (or even make a pit stop there).  Check it out. 

So….take this away with you and maybe use it in a sentence this weekend….SAT NAM. It means “I see your true nature” or “I recognize the divinity within you”

Sat Nam and Good Night! 

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