Stay Clear of the Energy Vampires

If you don’t know what an energy vampire is – here you go.  It’s a friend [or frienemy – or coworker, family member – they are everywhere] that every encounter with them is a complete energy drain. These people bog you down with their problems and suck you into their drama. When you leave the encounter, you feel worse about the situation, the person, and life in general. 

The past few years, I’ve cleared my space of these energy vampires.  I’ve had enough of getting the life sucked out of me when all I wanted to do is have fun. But they creep up every now and then – especially when it’s an uncontrollable situation – like in the grocery store, the line at Starbucks, and even work. Here’s some tips (no garlic needed) to help you stay clear!

How to Dodge an Energy Vampire

  1. Limit exposure to them
  2. Keep it short and sweet: be nice; hear them out – but there’s other things to do and people to see.  If it’s a frienemy – keep outings to coffee so you can dodge out simply and quickly 
  3. Be positive.  A little positivity goes a long way! 
  4. Breathe
  5. Do your best to be of service
  6. Say a prayer for them and forgive them (prayers can actually help)

Got frienemies? Talk about ’em in the comments.

Be Beaming!

ImageI had an incredible experience at Beaming Vitality Bar in Del Mar and just had to rave about it. I had the high-5 smoothie – which is basically a berry mix with spinach – I also subbed out almond milk for some hydrating coconut water – yum! I also tried some of their delicious super food mix. It’s an easy impulse purchase when you’re waiting for your drink.

What I loved most about Beaming is their brand integrity.  All of the products in their store/bar are all hand-picked by their owner, Lisa.  How cool is that?

Their team is GORGEOUS and super perky – also highly knowledgeable with GREAT recommendations (why I ended up with the High-5). This is definitely going to be on my favorite places in San Diego list.  I’m so tempted to play with their cleanses too! What I adore about their cleansing menu is that they let you eat dinner. Actual food. I’m not sure whether I’d do their 1 or 3 day cleanse (definitely not brave enough for 4 days!!!).

If you’re in San Diego – get beaming at Beaming. for Fitness Lovers

This is pretty awesome! has extended a 20% off discount code to the readers of Grace Is The New Glam! What I love about Ellie is that their fitness wear is so comfortable with great materials. Sweat? Not a problem with these duds.  I personally love their capris for spin class and yoga!

I love looking and feeling chic and cute at the gym or in the yoga studio. It makes working out definitely more pleasant and I certainly smile more.

Sign up for a fitness-wear subscription – the price is certainly right.  You get to pick what you want and you get first dibs on new styles.  Pretty rad, huh? I’m sold. Click the pic below to get the ball rolling. See you at the gym!

What Motivates Me

ImageIt’s so easy to get dragged down by life – your job, your friends, family drama. It’s like going down a rabbit hole and not being able to breathe. 

I try so hard not to get sucked into a booby-trap of negativity by focusing on what motivates me. Here’s just a few… 

Doing things that make me feel good…. For instance, I took a mega-hard hot yoga class tonight. I had no idea what to expect and it’s been a while since my last intense yoga class.  I suited up and faced my fears (sweat my brains out) and completed the practice. Guess what? I loved it – and now I’m inspired to write tonight! Other feel-good things to me are – walking, cuddling up and watching TV with my BF, late night calls with my sister, mid-afternoon naps, much needed mani/pedis, etc. 

Motivated people (also filed under ‘People who walk the walk’….)… I love people that inspire me.  It’s the people who work really hard around me on a daily basis that keep work fun and creative.  Also – top notch people making a difference like Marianne Williamson, Josie Maran, Summer Rayne Oakes, Krishna Das, Kris Carr… I can go on and on. All of these individuals have passion and do good for the world. 

Do-Good Companies…. There’s so many out there right now, but off the top of my head I can think of Toms, The Giving Keys, Acure Organics, Nika Water, Whole Foods Market, Charity Water, etc. All of these big and small companies are motivating me.  That’s what I want to be a part of.

There’s lots more – but maybe this post will motivate you too. What inspires and motivates your spirit? Tell me in the comment! 

Acure Skincare

My FIRST product review….how exciting! 

ImageI’ve always battled skin issues (and I’m still battling).  Sensitive skin, acne, eczema, you name it, I’ve had it. It seems like it never ends.  While coasting through the aisles at Whole Foods Market – I found Acure! First of all, the price is affordable for everyone ranging from $10-$20. secondly, Acure is free of all of the “bad” stuff – animal testing, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, harmful preservatives and artificial colors. To top it off, their packaging is completely recyclable AND they give back to causes for each product purchase.

I’ve been using their Sensitive Skin line for over a week – and I’ve seen and felt the difference. My skin is softer and more moisturized and my eczema cleared up after using the products. What I really loved about the stuff, is that is smells great and it’s loaded with argan oil and probiotics.

I’m going to review more of their products soon – but this is just a start.  I HIGHLY recommend their Sensitive line – (Facial Cream + Shower Gel)

Check Acure out here and be sure to try them out! 

3 Magic Words

ImageI had some time this morning so I put on the 3 Magic Words movie via Netflix while sipping on my hot water and lemon. Interesting concept…. Towards the end of the film, the 3 magic words are I-AM-GOD. The notion that we all are God is pretty profound if you ask me. Til this day, I still get a little weirded out when using the G-word around people – because I’m never sure on how others will react.  (As time goes on, it does get easier and all of my inner posse use the word all the time – AWESOME!) 

Here’s to say I was inspired.  We should all feel that God is within us and we have this crazy power each and every moment of the day. I’ve come to ask myself….How can I channel my inner goddess better? For starters, I can meditate and do yoga more – but maybe it’s talking more freely about spirituality and not caring about what others think. Also pump positivity in me through books, quotes, social media and throw all of the nonsense and gossip and not healthy stuff out the door. 

What’s your thoughts on this? I’d love to hear!

Quote of the Day: “Honor yourself. Worship yourself.  Meditate on yourself. God dwells within you as you.” ~Swami Muktananda

Summer Solstice

Happy Summer Solstice, Beautiful People. I’ve had a pretty awesome day today – and I hope you have too. I put in a hard days work – but it’s what happen afterwards that matters.

ImageWhen 4PM hit, I headed out of the marketing world and into the natural health world. I went to Bloom Natural Health‘s Summer Solstice party in Encinitas. It cleared my mind completely. The evening’s activities were mediation, planting intentions on seed paper, releasing negative stuff in a fire, and healthy drinks galore from Beaming Vitality Bar. I had a great time!

[Beware: I’m going to get really real here] I planted my intentions in the Bloom garden for Imagesuccess. Financial, career, relationship are my goals for this year. For my release, I wrote down in crystal clear ink – Jealousy, Greed, and Judgement. Things I really need to let go of for sure. I’ve struggled with it for years. Now is the time I must let them go – for myself and those around me – and I’m ready to do it. Hello, Clarity – I’m ready for you!

So, now is the time where I turn it over to you – what are your intentions for the summer solstice of 2013? What are you releasing?

I appreciate BLOOM for having me at this wonderful gathering!


Overheard in 4:45 meditation today at the Chopra Center – QUIETUDE.

I heard it – I loved it – and completely needed to here a meditational catch-phrase that could be used as a Lahotski-ism.

Definition from me~

Quietude: (As in Quiet-Tude – comes from Attitude) the sense of quieting the chatter in our brains, in and out of meditation

Actual Definition:

quietude [ˈkwaɪəˌtjuːd]


the state or condition of being quiet, peaceful, calm, or tranquil
Feel free to use that in a sentence today.  It’s already added to my lingo!
And hooray! I just received my new workout gear from! Can’t wait to share with you guys – pretty hot stuff!

Wellness Wednesday


So, I have to ask you the simple question – what did you do to make yourself feel good today? I’ll start – after work, I rallied to my gym (LA Fitness) and went for my most favorite spin class with Jay [spin instructor extraordinaire]. 28 miles later and over 400 calories burned, I feel amazing. 

It’s about pushing yourself to your limits, trying new things, and putting the pedal to the metal [quite literally]! 

I chose fitness as my ‘feel good’ thing today – now it’s your turn – Leave your comments below! 


PS – Make sure you listen to Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke while getting your fitness on! 

The Story on Lahotski

ImageFor starters, Lahotski is my last name pronounced exactly like it’s spelled…LA HOT SKI. I came to terms with my last name from a theatre class at Penn State University when everyone just started to call me that – and I liked it. 

I was born and raised in Scranton, PA. Ventured off to Penn State’s main campus at the age of 19 – graduated – and a year later and made it out to Los Angeles where I spent 8 incredible years. During that time, I dated up a storm, met so awesome people (as well as some idiots) and started on my journey of adulthood. I went through many jobs learning that the entertainment industry is not so fun and wound up in marketing.  Don’t worry, I’m still in marketing and I love it. I also drank [alcohol] a lot – which became a problem while I was dating and working. 

Approximately 3 years ago, I decided to become sober. I changed my job of 4 and a half years, moved apartments, and got a Prius. This began my road to recovery and who I am today. I was and am inspired by many along the way – the first being Gabrielle Bernstein – then Marianne Williamson, and Michael Beckwith, and many more. I’m fully on a spiritual path and am determined to make spirituality cool. 

Right now, I stand tall – I love my life, my family, my boyfriend, my friends and my spirituality! Don’t worry – you’ll learn more about me soon enough – but consider this the preface. 

I’m eco friendly, fitness-savvy, beauty-product lovin’, fashion-foward and a true Spirit Junkie [as Gabby Bernstein would call it]!

Please enjoy my stories, reviews, and more – and don’t be shy to leave comments.