Hello, Chopra Center

Wow – so I’m just coming home from the Chopra Center at La Costa Resort in Carlsbad. I attended a free (yes, I said free) meditation session there with the lovely leader, Racquel. I was pleasantly surprised with the grounds, it’s set in a bunch of hills, green everywhere, lots of venues, and free self parking. Insanity. This is the start of my love affair with the Chopra Center.

I know meditation is definitely a way to a healthy mind and body – so I’ve ventured back into my practice with at least 5 minutes in the morning. Today I decided I wanted to take it to the next level and do 30 after work.  I did it and it was a lot easier than I thought. I skipped the gym (and secretly didn’t want to go) and went to La Costa Resort instead. 

So, my fellow San Diego people or visitors or meditation enthusiasts, I highly recommend the Chopra Center. It’s peaceful, beautiful, and inspiring. You just might make a friend or twoImage

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