How to Be More Fascinating

I found this gem a few nights ago while waiting for my dinner to finish cooking….an awesome little diddy with Marie Forleo (totally now addicted to MarieTV on YouTube!!!). It was just what I needed to hear – because I feel kind of boring lately in the same job for over a year – and I’ve been sober for almost 3 years – and I LOVE routine in true virgo fashion. I think this vid just makes it easy to do a few things better and really start to fascinate and intrigue people.  I’m in….are you? 

Here’s a few takeaways if you don’t have time to actually watch the video (but you should!) ….my comments in parenthesis ()

  1. You already are fascinating! (duh, right?!) 
  2. Know how the world sees you. (I’m smart, qwirky, funny, and fun [I think])
  3. Wear your fascination halo. (check)
  4. Provoke a strong emotional response. (I guess it’s OK to be a little cray sometimes)
  5. Build your business around your career and personality. (I’m doing this – are you?)
  6. The world is not changed by people who sort of care. (So start caring, people!! 


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