Be Beaming!

ImageI had an incredible experience at Beaming Vitality Bar in Del Mar and just had to rave about it. I had the high-5 smoothie – which is basically a berry mix with spinach – I also subbed out almond milk for some hydrating coconut water – yum! I also tried some of their delicious super food mix. It’s an easy impulse purchase when you’re waiting for your drink.

What I loved most about Beaming is their brand integrity.  All of the products in their store/bar are all hand-picked by their owner, Lisa.  How cool is that?

Their team is GORGEOUS and super perky – also highly knowledgeable with GREAT recommendations (why I ended up with the High-5). This is definitely going to be on my favorite places in San Diego list.  I’m so tempted to play with their cleanses too! What I adore about their cleansing menu is that they let you eat dinner. Actual food. I’m not sure whether I’d do their 1 or 3 day cleanse (definitely not brave enough for 4 days!!!).

If you’re in San Diego – get beaming at Beaming.

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