One. Amazing. Dinner.

I was so lucky to be invited to dinner with 2 of my new friends – Sarah and Peter of Cooking Imagewith CSA. I met them through work – and we all instantly clicked.  After teaching 2 killer classes at my store, it was time to take things out of WFM! They invited.  I accepted. And then to meditation and dinner we went.

So, I went into the experience knowing Sarah and Peter could cook and I was eager to see what they would serve up at their house (they are super organic vegan and work directly with the local farmers which is SO COOL).  Sarah made a killer salad with all fresh ingredients that I would never think of putting together paired with a homemade fresh dressing….followed by a rad veggie lasgana!

What was best about our hang out was that I left feeling happy and inspired. We talked, we laughed, we shared stories. It was the simplest and most amazing fun to be had. I really appreciate my new friends and I’m hoping we could do it again soon.  Maybe I’ll even cook (with Sarah’s help, of course).

Maybe they’ll share the recipes if we ask nicely. Image

And…if you have time, check out their website, Cooking with CSA, for monthly recipes using seasonal and organic ingredients.

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