The Intuitive and My Intuition

Last night was epic and I’ll tell you why – I had the honor of having an appointment with Lora Sorg, an intuitive life coach based in Encinitas. A great friend gave me her name – and I booked as soon as I had the chance. 

As soon as Lora and I met (even on the phone) I felt a great connection with her. When I sat down in her office, that’s when shit got crazy. She pinpointed right away that I’m highly intuitive – which I already knew. She described exactly how I feel when I come in contact with certain people’s energy – tired, nauseous, angry, frustrated – it was more beneficial for me to hear than [because lately I’ve been feeling psycho] than being diagnosed at a doctor’s office. She gave me tools and meditations to use to clear my head and protect my own energy. 

Lora knew all about me.  She pegged my boyfriend, my job, my blog, and where I want to go and what I want to do.  And, I can assure you she did not know a thing about me – except my name, phone number and that I have an iPhone (iMessage gives it away). 

Let’s digress to the moral of the story here.  I am pretty connected to my intuition and I am so lucky – thanks to yoga, sobriety, mediation, healthy eating, etc – but we all have this power within us. We can see the future, we know when things don’t feel right. Now I feel it’s my job to share my gift with the universe – how to channel YOUR intuition. 

I tapped in and I’m here to take you on my psychic intuitive adventures… Are you ready?!?!?! And…are you ready to tap into your own??? 

Lora Sorg – is AMAZING – and I highly recommend her.  If you can scoop up $180 (I know, I know – expensive – you’d rather get a facial) it is SO worth it. You’ll get a massive burst of clarity. Trust me. She sees clients from everywhere. 

Here’s Lora’s information:




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