Grow Up, Ladies!

I just found this article in O Magazine (the only magazine besides Origin I read) last month, and I wanted to share the cliff notes version with you. It’s titled “Grow Up, Ladies”. It basically says that a record-breaking number of women are graduating college these days – so, why aren’t we acting like adults? I totally get it because I see this all of the time. Here are some steps to grow up! 

  1. Learn to take care of yourself 
  2. Embrace confrontation 
  3. Figure out what you need and ask for it 
  4. Quit blaming your mother for everything that’s wrong in your life
  5. Two Words:  Club Soda
  6. Have perspective 

I’m not even gonna get into the sub bullet points because I think those 6 things are pretty self explanatory. I’m going to do my best at each one of them – I already got a few of them down – but I need to work on others (hello, confrontation).  And if GraceIsTheNewGlam can add a 7th tip – it would be MEDITATE! 

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