ImageFirst and foremost, I want to wish everyone a very happy Labor Day! Thank you for everything you do. I appreciate you. Now, onto the post. 

This last week I’ve been triggered a lot. I had an emergency session with my life coach, who told me I am in a very developmental phase in my life and I am ready to really open up my intuition. (like my crazy witch vibe isn’t enough) But this is my gift – and I am really going to run with it. So, back to my week…. I was triggered at work and with my BF this weekend making me come back to San Diego all fired up to share what I got from all of it. 

When you’re triggered, find what’s making you upset and meditate on it. As my life coach said, “it’s only pressure that you will feel”. Once you feel it, let your body and mind show you exactly what triggered you.  In my work instance, I found out it was mean girls in 3rd grade.  

Once you do these steps, you make room in your head and heart to open you up more. That’s way I love meditating so much – I feel so much more open afterwards. 

Being triggered is hard to deal with. What are your triggers and are you willing to open up and heal them? 

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