Let’s Support Each Other

I’m on my way to re-watch Miss Representation.  You know, the OWN Network’s first feature film.  I watched it a while back with my friend Kelsea and was really moved by the entire film. I remember after I finished watching, I felt the need to support other women.

Pretty recently, I found myself judging other women – whether it be at work, through social media, or in passing. Let me tell you, it’s not cool and it’s not being fair. Would I like myself being judged while walking down the street or through anything I posted on Instagram?  I will answer simply – NO. 

So, I’m going to use this post to empower myself and proclaim to the world – NO MORE JUDGING. And ladies, let’s be more supportive of each other. I did an experiment recently where I took someone who brought me down quite a lot with moaning, bitching, and complaining – I took that and turned it into a mentoring situation.  I turned negative conversations into positive ones and I am choosing to lead by example.  I sure feel better. 

So tonight or today – whatever it may be where you are – tell someone they look hot, smile at a stranger, or listen to a friend cry over a relationship. It’s time to start feeling good. 

3 thoughts on “Let’s Support Each Other

  1. And something else that would be super? How about weight and body neutral conversations??? I was at a lovely dinner with friends the other night and the beautiful woman next to me started going on about how “good” she had been that day. It broke my heart to hear her define her worth by what she had and had not eaten that day. I declared out loud that she was wonderful no matter what and that I wished for body neutral or affirming conversations only from now on as our spoken words have so much impact on us and the world around us. And we hurt ourselves so much with our judgements. I’m tired of hearing it.

    1. Wow! That’s really powerful. I think all women struggle with this kind of stuff – we need more women like you standing up ad saying something. I love that you said something – I wish I was at the restaurant so I could applaud you. My mission today is to be less harsh on myself and give compliments to ladies around me. Thank you so much for sharing!!!

  2. I just had a similar conversation with a girlfriend today about this. I was actually in the midst of writing something along the same lines when I decided to rest my brain (& fingers) for a minute and catch up on your blog. Thank you so much for writing this. It’s so true. It’s kinda disgusting how cruel girls and women can be. Also, there’s this wonderful non-profit called “The Kind Campaign”. They go from school to school across the country in hopes to end girl on girl bullying. Love you, Jenn!!


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