Speak Up and Be Honest

Yep… I’m learning that lesson in life.  

Lately, I have been speaking up for myself and really telling people how I feel – some people like it; some don’t.  And you know what, that’s totally okay. For years upon years, I have let folks walk all over me whether it’s at work, a family member, or a friend. I’m finished. I was talking with one of my friends about it and it truly feels better when you speak up and say how you feel.  It’s even better when someone asks you how you feel. (Note:  I do not mean an open door to complain) It’s so radically important to say things that you feel.  At times, it could get a bit uncomfortable, but trust me, you will feel better in the end. 

As an example, someone recently did something I really didn’t like. I got angry, went into a tailspin, and cried. When I let those feelings out, I told that individual how I felt. After I did, they felt better for me telling them my feelings and I felt better for speaking up. 

This whole post is of course a case by case basis. You don’t want to go up to your boss and say “You’re an asshole – effe you”, for example. But, lead with your gut and intuition.  It always works out. 

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