I Feel Awesome.

I’ve been such a horrible blogger lately. Seriously, life and self care has taken over my life – not that it’s a bad thing but I have so much to share. I started doing yoga regularly, I’m still spinning weekly, and my meditation practice has been daily. My diet has been pretty clean – I’m moving back to being vegan. Work was tough for a bit – but I had such an incredible day yesterday and I forgot how awesome it feels to truly work your ass off! I have re-centered and I’m focused! 

Here’s the things that pumped me up in the last 3 weeks:

Suja Juice’s 3 Day Cleanse – I tried it and loved it! The juices are tasty (I enjoyed all of them over ice). They gave me so much energy and I finished feeling transformed and clear. I also want to tell you that I did eat food during the cleanse. I kept my diet with juice for breakfast, juice as a mid-morning snack, a big salad and juice for lunch, and a little nibble and juice for dinner. Let me tell you, I FEEL GREAT! 

Wake Up (the movie) – It was my Super Soul Sunday of the morning today complements of Netflix. Such a great story. (Stay tuned – I’ll be doing a Q&A with Jonas Elrod – the director – soon!

The Daily Love – I recently wrote a few more posts as a contributor which is so exciting for me.  See the posts here: http://thedailylove.com/author/jennifer-lahotski/

More posts coming soon! 

One thought on “I Feel Awesome.

  1. I’ve missed your posts but you’re right, self care is VERY important! I’ll have to check out Wake Up!


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