Working on Me

I’m back from a long hiatus from blogging! In the last two months, lots of things have happened! I actually went on vacation home to visit my mom and sister. We had such a great time.  More importantly, I got to rest, go on hikes in the woods, and spend quality time with my two favorite girls! 

I’m up for a new challenge at work – which I am so excited about.  I had a bout of ups and downs, but I’m reignited with ideas and energy! 

The work in progress me is still going strong.  I fell off the wagon with healthy eating from vacation, but this week I’m back to eating healthy. I’m also back at the gym and doing yoga. It’s unbelievable how those 3 things in life make you feel so much better. 

In other news, I bought my first pair of Lululemon pants – and I’m addicted to Fabletics – Kate Hudson’s yoga line. 

That’s all for now – more posts coming soon! 

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