Promise to Not Laugh?

So, I got off of work mega-early today. I got home, made food, and needed to just relax.  I’ve been watching White Collar on Netflix and I’m starting to find it super boring. After the bordum super set in from the same story just a different episode, I scrolled through my ‘Flix options. 

Well, I stumbled upon Katy Perry’s Part of Me. [first of all, don’t judge] It was actually pretty good.  I wanted something light, entertaining, and maybe a little cheesy – but I had a feeling that there was a slight possibility Mizz Perry could inspire me. What I got from this total tween flick was to NEVER GIVE UP. Everyone has ups and downs and the goal is to just keeping going.  Another thing that was cool is that she really embraces her weirdness – all she ever wanted is to sing in a glittery costume with people singing along with her. Katy chants about her weirdness and silly costumes in the hour hour and a half. 

I need to let loose a little bit – that’s what I learned tonight. Be weird. Live out loud. No regrets. Get personal. And NEVER GIVE UP! 

Thanks, Katy. I’m inspired.