Engine 2 Immersion: Day 3 and 4

I’m having such a wonderful time here in Sedona – Day 3 and 4 were long days, but I’m learning tons at the abundant lectures. The workouts have been great – I’ve been doing yoga every morning, but I do need to switch it up before I leave.

Here are some pics from the last few days… We did a 7 mile hike and almost got trapped in a forest fire. The food is still amazing and I’m not as hungry as I was.

Enjoy the pics!

20140521-084318-31398468.jpg 20140521-084317-31397943.jpg 20140521-084323-31403178.jpg 20140521-084319-31399594.jpg 20140521-084319-31399025.jpg 20140521-084321-31401990.jpg 20140521-084321-31401085.jpg 20140521-084320-31400155.jpg


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    • You got it. I only have a couple days left here….then back to the real world! Hopefully, I’m going to do a big overview of the retreat in one big post because the connection here is weak 🙂

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