Berry Good Night 2014

It was such an honor to be invited to Berry Good Night 2014. Hosted by Michelle and Bill Lerach in La Jolla, CA. This was a fabulous dinner featuring local chefs, eco enthusiasts, farmers, healthy little foodies and high profile friends of the community gather to talk about food sustainability (me and the boss represented Whole Foods Market La Jolla). Over 300 people were in attendance, and it really was the “scene” on June 21st. The setting and the estate it was on was beyond breath-taking. And one take-away I had from it was…”Food sustainability is not just a hippie-dippy thing anymore….it’s a lifestyle.” I will certainly remember this night forever. My pictures don’t nearly tell the story – but you can get the gist.

IMG_3905 IMG_3897 IMG_3906 IMG_3902 IMG_3908

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