A Very Vegan 4th of July

I just wanted to share 2 things that I lean on for fun, holiday weekends while trying to stay healthy and on the Engine 2 train. They’re both fun and delicious and I’m sure they’ll be a crowd pleaser if you’re throwing a little BBQ or cook out this weekend.

Carrot Dogs – these are so easy and if you don’t want all of the additives and the yucky stuff in veggie dogs (or real dogs), these are for you. Carrots are now a staple in my fridge because of this recipe!



Engine 2 Burgers – my freezer is always stocked with these burgers. They are also so easy to make. Grill ’em, bake ’em, throw ’em on a pan for the stove. 

Have a safe 4th, All! 


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