My Beauty Routine

Ever since I worked for Lancome way back in the day (I was 21), skin care has fascinated me! In recent years, I’ve made the choice to go green and only use products that were eco and sustainable, but most of all, that worked on my problem/sensitive skin. 

Step 1 – Eminence Probiotic Cleanser. I found this brand through a spa I went to about a year ago and never looked back. It smells and feels so yummy!



Step 2 – Tone with Alba Hawaiian Facial Toner in the AM and Apple Cider Vinegar in the PM (1 to 1 ratio of ACV and water)

BraggsACV Alba-Botanica-Hibiscus-Facial-Toner-4705-215502-1-product2


Step 3 – John Master’s Vitamin C Anti-Aging Serum – I love the anti-aging properties. It’s lightweight, smells like citrus, and I’ve been using it for years. Yes!


Step 4 – Evan Healy’s Light Moisturize Replenishing Fluid – this is a new, recent find of mine. It’s local to San Diego, and I love that it’s SO light on my skin. It also has green tea in it – which is so beneficial to my skin. All of their ingredients are just amazing. 


I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you love skin care as much as I do! Cheers to healthy, graceful, and glowing skin! 


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