3 Things I’m Loving….Right Now

So much is happening in the world of Lahotski. Work, work, and more work, but there’s been oodles and oodles of healthy stuff too. I’m back to working out… thank you to the new 24 Hour Fitness in La Costa opening up and for all of the naughty eating I’ve been doing at work (whoops) which is motivating me to work out.

1. My New La Vie Boheme Yoga Mat:  I’m obsessed. It’s gorgeous. I’m in love. This is helping me dive deeper into my yoga practice.

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 7.25.17 PM

2. Daily Greens Juice – Elevate:  Okay, I love all of their tasty juices but ELEVATE is my favorite. It just has that not-so-green-juice taste, it has a fun flavor to it, and it’s so good for you….Organic, Non-GMO verified, HELLO!


3. Tara Stiles’ New Book…. Make Your Own Rules Diet: I had the pleasure of meeting Tara at 24 Hour Fitness in Encinitas on Monday night. She hosted a little shin-dig to promote this book and held a yoga class as well. I’m so happy I went… for one, the yoga class was to-die for. She played such killer tunes and her ‘tude was so modern and fun which inspired random giggles and a nice yoga class that I’m sore from. Oh yeah, back to the book….It’s colorful, easy to read (or flip through in my case) and is packed with recipes and tips for fitness and a healthy lifestyle. #score


That’s all for now kids, glamazons. What’s on your new favorites list? Share in the comments!

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