What I’m Leaving Behind in 2014


I compare myself to others all of the time….whether it be another girl walking down the street, a fabulous blogger promoting stuff and an unrealistic lifestyle, a yoga teacher with the perfect body, etc. It’s tough not to. I’ve studied A Course In Miracles throughout the years off and on and as corny as it sounds, we are all children of God and we are all the same. Amen!


This goes hand in hand with comparison – but jealousy comes right after. This year, I came to terms with people out there living a very dishonest lifestyle. In my personal belief, I think social media has ruined this? Why? Because every posts the happy, luxe, fun moments in their life. Most of us are not promoting the disappointment, heartache, and bad days, right? (PS…I hope you’re not posting that bad/negative shit – because no one wants to hear it!)


Going right along with the theme here, when you compare yourself to others and have issues with being jealous of others, along comes greed. I’m working on this one too! This has been the year of being vocal about what I want and how I get it, but moving forward, I’m not going to be greedy. I will receive what I am worth (and that’s a lot) and the universe provides when necessary. End of story.

So tell me, we’re approaching the New Year – what are you leaving behind?

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