Smell of 2015: Sandalwood

Welcome to 2015, everyone! I hope the new year is really treating you with love, respect, prosperity, and happiness. It’s been amazing here.

I wanted to share a unique and natural smell I just got into on my quest to live a more natural life…. Sandalwood! I was talking to one of my fellow team members yesterday about the actual smell itself and, to me, it represents a powerful, established woman – a gal that has exactly what I want….. SANDALWOOD. It’s sexy, sensual, warm, and just smells so pretty yet earthy.

Give it a try if you dare – here are some of my sandalwood recommendations – (all available at your nearest Whole Foods Market and on

21Hb2eWS2sL 41XXoPLImDL._SY355_ sandalwood_citrus_zum_tub_bath_salts__94520.1405382576.1280.1280

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