House of Intuition – Los Angeles

I have no idea how I found this Los Angeles gem, but I did. My addiction and love started when I ordered their “Glow” spray and when it arrived on my doorstep, I was hooked – the adorable packaging, sweet notes, the design, and the lovely smell of the essentials oils in my magic spritz [that I was going to bring to work immediately]. Mmmmm just mmmmmm.

Encinitas is so close to Los Angeles, so I decided on a perfect time where me and my guy can take a ride up that way and go on a journey to House of Intuition. I have to give Mr. Stephen major props for even taking this teeny tiny step into my “new age-y” world. I believe he enjoyed it too.

The shop (we went to the one on Sunset Blvd in Echo Park) was divine. A super cute hideaway that was filled with treasures, jewelry, genuine stones and crystals, and an ever clear knowledgeable crew that made me feel welcome and loved. The tarot card readings and healers were all booked for the day, but this will make the perfect excuse to go back because these peeps are legit. I need to find the mastermind behind this business – because Encinitas needs one of these babies. Hello, franchise!

Anyway, I hope you loved my rant on this gorgeous house of awesome. Enjoy the quick snaps I took and please go and visit these gurus!





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