Living on One Dollar

I want to take a minute to share how much I love this documentary that I found on Netflix a few weeks ago. It’s call “Living on One Dollar“. My guy and I were being super lazy on a  Sunday morning and we both couldn’t agree on anything to watch – but what we always seem to agree on is a juicy documentary.

While watching the film, I thought, “Gosh, this reminds me of the whole idea of Whole Planet Foundation” and low and behold they were a partner of the film and they indeed went into detail on how micro loans, the basis what Whole Planet does, works.

The stories are so incredibly inspiring and I was moved to tears multiple times. I realized how selfish I could be and I immediately changed my tune and started giving more to the people around me because their happiness matters.

Whole Planet Foundation is deeply rooted into my job at Whole Foods Market. I am honored to work at such a socially conscious company that is making a difference all over the world (like, over 5 million people and counting!). How I got to Whole Foods Market was through a lot of prayers asking Spirit to help me find a job where I can serve my community and the world, and here I am, over 3 years later, absolutely in love with my job.

So here is the trailer – I hope you like it!  It’s available to watch on Netflix right now.

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