San Francisco, I Love You!

I had the most amazing experience in San Francisco and Palo Alto this past weekend and I had to share the gorgeous photos I took. It was so awesome to just take a break from my life and go experience new things in a completely new city. I was only brought to SF one other time and that was with work (so blah!). This time around, I got to unwind and have some fun!

A big thank you to Kristin for hosting me and for the incredible laughs and endless girl time!

The start of the Land’s End Trail – such a beautiful hike – I am so filled with gratitude for Mother Earth in times like these!


Right off the plane, we headed straight to the Cherry Blossom Festival!

My beautiful and smart and sassy friend, Kristin hanging out at the Hotel G, where we flirted with the world and laughed a lot.
My new friend, Bean!
Another view from Land’s End Trail…
What ever happened to predictability?! The milk man… the paper boy…. evening TV!

Spring Cleaning for Me

Lately, I’ve been on a kick to keep up with my health and wellness. I’ve already recommitted to my yoga and fitness practice as well as better eating (not perfect, but I’m getting there!). Here are some things I’ve done to improve my life during this transformation spring time!

1. Start Oil Pulling – At first, I thought this was the most crazy idea – to wake up first thing and swish oil through your teeth for 15 minutes. I wondered who exactly has time for that. Well, after hearing rave reviews on it for years now, I took the plunge one day and hopped on board. 15minutes is NOTHING in the morning. I oil pull when I’m putting on my morning coffee, packing my lunch, and picking out my outfit for the day – EASY!  Try it! My mouth has never felt cleaner (now I’ve got to work on all of those F-bombs!)

2. Kundalini – Another thing I’ve put off for years! Right now, I’m obsessed with it. I can’t get enough. I found Soul of Yoga right up the street from me and they offer so many kundalini classes. It is wonderful.  The best part of the practice is in between the kriyas, there is this buzz running through my body. It’s Ah-mazing.

3. Clean Yo House – I spend Easter Sunday cleaning up my messes in my house. I loathe cleaning but it’s such a great way to feel better. Come on….get out those rags and start scrubbing!

4. Chiropractic Care – I literally just got home from my first appointment with Dr. Sage here in Encinitas and I feel so great. Spring is the perfect time to align your body, which aligns your soul. I am consistently uncomfortable and cracking my own back and now I don’t have to anymore. I’m committing myself to seeing the doc like twice a week to get my bod in tip-top shape!

5. Essential Oils – Okay, I’m obsessed. Every trip to a hippie dippy store I have to buy one and I’m A-OK with it. They are perfect for Spring! Right now, I’m digging Serenity by DoTerra, Lime and Grapefruit by Aura Cacia, and Ylang-Ylang. Put a drop or 2 in your palms, rub ’em together and it’s an automatic, all-natural mood booster. Score!

6. Juice and Smoothies – The easiest way to get fruits and veggies into your system to feel better. Go organic and go green!

Kundalini Crazy and Life

I have been immersed in self help stuff recently! I started seeing a Oneness guru privately and I’ve fallen head over heels in love with kundalini yoga. Life has been super good and I’m really connecting with myself and the results are very rewarding and are happening on a daily basis. I truly am living a pretty zen life.

More to come of kundalini and my session with the “guru” (well, like a spiritual coach but I LOATHE the word coach when it comes to this sort of thing!)