San Francisco, I Love You!

I had the most amazing experience in San Francisco and Palo Alto this past weekend and I had to share the gorgeous photos I took. It was so awesome to just take a break from my life and go experience new things in a completely new city. I was only brought to SF one other time and that was with work (so blah!). This time around, I got to unwind and have some fun!

A big thank you to Kristin for hosting me and for the incredible laughs and endless girl time!

The start of the Land’s End Trail – such a beautiful hike – I am so filled with gratitude for Mother Earth in times like these!


Right off the plane, we headed straight to the Cherry Blossom Festival!

My beautiful and smart and sassy friend, Kristin hanging out at the Hotel G, where we flirted with the world and laughed a lot.
My new friend, Bean!
Another view from Land’s End Trail…
What ever happened to predictability?! The milk man… the paper boy…. evening TV!

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