100% Pure LOVE

Sooooo, I met the lovely folks at 100% Pure a few months back and I couldn’t wait to try their products! If you know me, I’m a whore for everything all natural – so all natural is a sheer give-in, right? I try to live an eco-friendly lifestyle and I’m almost there – but make-up is super hard. I’m tied to big brands like Mac and Kat Von D for the bases (foundation and blush….and a side note, every girl has to have Warm Soul blush). I flirt with eco brands but end up going back to the naughty stuff because they are tried and true!

I go on – sorry for the rant there! I found 100% Pure and gave them a whirl and they are the real deal! I love their colors (and they are colored with fruit extracts!) – So far, I’ve tried their nude palette [pictured below] and 2 of their nail polishes. The pigments in both are fantastic. If you want to go for a goddess look, this is your brand!

I can’t wait to try more stuff by 100% Pure – I just love them and their mission so much!

IMG_6365 IMG_6366

Find out more on their website, Facebook,Twitter and Instagram!

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