Gemstone Organics

I’m baaaack! (from San Diego, Vegas, 2+ weeks in Costa Rica and back around). Pura vida and I can’t wait to share more about my travels here!

Before I do that, I wanted to share these pretty awesome eco skin care products I came across a few weeks ago. The company is called Gemstone Organic. Based out of LA and hippie approved, these products are lush and loved by me! I had the opportunity to try 2 of the face creams and one of their hydrosols (I can spray all day long for an easy pick me up!). I loved each of the them! Annnnnd, their products are CERTIFIED organic. Boom!

What’s really unique about this company is that they are using crystals to infuse their products. I’m a HUGE fan of crystals and their healing properties so why not make face and body care that is packed with healing elements of gemstones! Gemstone Organic is just getting off the group – but you can buy online and in some select Whole Foods Markets in the Los Angeles and San Diego areas.

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Shop online here and give Gemstone Organic a try!