3 Not-So-Normal Things I Do in the AM

Oil Pulling

You may have heard about this healthy action – but let me tell you – I love it. At first, I though anyone who can spend 20 minutes in the morning tolerating oil being swished around in their mouth was NUTS. But, here me out! Literally, the FIRST thing I do in the morning is hit the kitchen cabinet and stuff my face with Dr Bronner’s Coconut Oil (organic, raw, unrefined, fair trade, ALWAYS). Before water, peeing, EVERYTHING, I do this. I put on the coffee, pack my lunch, put on my skincare routine (more on that at another time), get dressed – and my 20 minute oil mouth is done. I rinse with really warm water and scrape my tongue after – and – boom – my mouth sparkles for the day. Yes, I brush too after coffee and brekky.

Why do it? It feels so great. My mouth feels cleaner – cleaner than a good brush and floss and the oil itself is antibacterial and antimicrobial – it gets in my gums, mouth tissue – all around. Lastly, it’s weird, but my teeth feel STRONGER.

Just do it – trust me.

Oil Pulling 1

Take Flower Essences

These I take when I’m ready to head out for the day or before a morning meditation. They are from my friend Shelly Rike in Encinitas, CA. She hand makes these and they are to die for. Made from essential oils, the doesn’t want to be called Shaman, Shaman creates these littler wonders. I (and my intuition) picked my own formula out in her tipi back in SD and these little guys give me an extra little pick me up in the morning! I love ’em. Learn more about what Shelley does here.


Dry Brushing

I’m sure you’ve heard about this one too – but I’m a fan! I brush upwards and towards my heart taking long and gentle strokes up my body and on my limbs. This gem is also known for busting cellulite (so why not do it, right?). It supposedly cleanses the lymphatic system too. It gives me energy and naturally exfoliates the skin. Another great healthy part of my routine. I can’t get enough! I got my dry brush at Whole Foods Market on sale – but the same one is available here.


I want to hear – what do you guys do in the morning? Got any weird morning routines that you want to share? I can add a little healthy something-something to my day!

One Day in Catalina

Soooo – my guy and I have both lived in SoCal for 10+ years now and neither of us have ever ventured to the island of Catalina. We’ve talked about going but never got around to it.  It was Steve’s birthday this past Sunday – so I decided to surprise him with a boat ride on the Catalina Express (you get yo ride for FREE if it’s your birthday!).


We pulled up to the port in Long Beach and were shocked at how many people were lined up to board the boat! People going for the weekend, just for the day, bikers, fishers – you name it, they gathered there. We hopped on and off we went – 1 hour on the water and then we arrived.


Catalina  is STUNNING. As soon as you pull up to Avalon – you are immersed in pure beauty.


Here’s what we did:

  • Rented a golf cart for 2 hours and toured the island (total highlight!)
  • Played in the arcade for an hour or so
  • Had a delicious meal at Blue Water Grill 

I (and we) highly recommend a day trip to Catalina. Steve and I had a blast.



Power Hour in Redondo Beach

Wednesday night – after a long day of work. I had the opportunity to have a second chance at paddle boarding in the marina of Redondo Beach. I did a brief stint on the board about 2 years ago and loved it (I’ll admit I got stuck in the mud in the Carlsbad Lagoon and I’ll leave it at that) but I was not with any professionals and was given no direction. I also had no clue how hard it was paddling against the wind! It was different. It was fun. It was in nature.


My next time around was a completely different tune. I went with Michelle of Olympus SUP because my lovely new friend Juli kindly invited me. I gladly accepted the invite. What I didn’t realize that this was a YOGA/PILATES/STRETCHING class on a paddle board. HOW WAS I GOING TO DO THIS BEING A BEGINNER?!


We did a loop in the Marina to warm up while Juli and Michelle gave me the basic download of this giant board in the water. I actually learned (and paid attention to) how to maneuver the board. We scooted around, I got better and better as the session went on – but then – we dropped our anchors (aka – alb weight) in the water. We were going to exercise, like for real. Well, it was easier than I thought. You do need balance – but easy peezy. I actually did it! And, for those of you wondering, I DIDN’T FALL IN!

The grand pay off in the end was a 5 minute meditation while the sun set. It was magnificent. I am so grateful to have experienced this among the pros. I made new friends, connected with the ocean and learned new skills.

Interested? Go online to Olympus SUP and give it a try. $25 gets you your equipment rental and a 2 hour session.


I Haven’t Blogged In a Year

After lots and lots of life changes – I just realized I haven’t blogged in over a year. I am embarrassed! But after LOTS of thought – I AM BACK and COMMITTED to bring you what you want to read about, what I can share to make your life easier and peaceful!

Little ditties about me in the last year:

  • I’m back in LA – work moved me back here and I’m so happy to be back here!
  • My job has massively changed
  • I’m a Xtend Barre Fitness addict
  • I’m in love with decorating our new apartment in Long Beach.

…looking forward to posting more! xxxoo