Power Hour in Redondo Beach

Wednesday night – after a long day of work. I had the opportunity to have a second chance at paddle boarding in the marina of Redondo Beach. I did a brief stint on the board about 2 years ago and loved it (I’ll admit I got stuck in the mud in the Carlsbad Lagoon and I’ll leave it at that) but I was not with any professionals and was given no direction. I also had no clue how hard it was paddling against the wind! It was different. It was fun. It was in nature.


My next time around was a completely different tune. I went with Michelle of Olympus SUP because my lovely new friend Juli kindly invited me. I gladly accepted the invite. What I didn’t realize that this was a YOGA/PILATES/STRETCHING class on a paddle board. HOW WAS I GOING TO DO THIS BEING A BEGINNER?!


We did a loop in the Marina to warm up while Juli and Michelle gave me the basic download of this giant board in the water. I actually learned (and paid attention to) how to maneuver the board. We scooted around, I got better and better as the session went on – but then – we dropped our anchors (aka – alb weight) in the water. We were going to exercise, like for real. Well, it was easier than I thought. You do need balance – but easy peezy. I actually did it! And, for those of you wondering, I DIDN’T FALL IN!

The grand pay off in the end was a 5 minute meditation while the sun set. It was magnificent. I am so grateful to have experienced this among the pros. I made new friends, connected with the ocean and learned new skills.

Interested? Go online to Olympus SUP and give it a try. $25 gets you your equipment rental and a 2 hour session.


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