3 AM Smoothie Recipes

…because an AM smoothie is essential in the Lahotski Method

Just a few smoothie recipes that I adore so hard.

Why are smoothies a non-negotiable for me? 1. It’s really hard for me to get my green leafy veggies and this is a super easy and tasty way for me to get them in my daily routine trouble and hassle free. 2. Smoothies are such a great way of cleansing the body after the nighttime fast.

I know smoothies and juices are not allowed on the Engine 2/Plantstrong lifestyle and diet, but for me, it works.

I also know that having all the ingredients on hand daily is a pain point. But I’ve learned to improvise – learn your likes and dislikes and know bananas and greens are always a great idea 🙂

Look at how f’n cute my dog is!

Farmer’s Garden

Orange Juice 





Bonus Points – add flax seeds 

Melissa Wood Health’s Spirulina Smoothie

Coconut Water 

Frozen Bananas 

Mixed Berries 




2-3 TBS of Spirulina 

Juice of 1 lemon 

Bonberi Green Smoothie

Coconut Water 

Juice of 1 lemon

Frozen Bananas 

Frozen Mango 





Mind. Body. Soul.

The essential things needed to live in peace.

Yep, it all sounds overwhelming – meditating, working out and keeping a sane mind in the midst of a global pandemic that doesn’t seem to be easing up anytime soon.

I’ve been on my wellness journey for over 10 years now. It was Gabby Bernstein’s first book, Add More ~ING to Your Life that rocked my world and I am forever grateful for it. I got sober after being in LA a few years with the help of Gabby and Elisa Hallerman and it just stuck. I did the work, stayed on the course and really found my way. The sober way – a way where I didn’t even think was possible. I didn’t stop being “fun”, I didn’t lose my personality, and the word boring never comes up when talking about me. (Unless you made the judgement already that I’m sober and boring – that’s okay, but take a look at exactly WHY you would judge me. Turn inwards.) okay, no more sober talk, I’ll save that for later.

Even on the path of wellness I have been on for such a long time, I’ve always have been jarred by how the HELL can one human being do ALL of the wellness things. It seems like a lot and honestly, it seemed unachievable. I was envious of the people can get it all done while working a full time job.

Well, folks, I DID IT – Enter Laurie Santos’ class from Yale University via Coursera. LIFE CHANGING. The virtual class is called The Science of Well-Being. The course bought into the why’s of why we do all of these mind-altering things. It’s science backed. I finished the course [roughly] about 50 days ago and have been meditating daily ever since. Also, I’ve been working out and eating super-clean vegan too.

Mind. Body. Soul. Your spirit is waiting for you to dive in! Take the course to make sense of all of this!

My AM Routine

I love a solid morning routine and here’s mine.

Disclaimer: I am a morning person, always have been, I’m pretty sure I always will be. Also, I’m not writing this to frustrate anyone or to invoke comparison; just hoping to inspire and share what works for me. I thrive in a routine.

So, let’s dive into it!

Monday-Friday, the work week for me currently, I wake up at 5am. I sip some water, slap on my Apple watch without even hitting the lights. I get changed right into my workout gear and hit the Peloton hard. A do a series of options that they have: definitely a 30-45 min ride, abs at the end, and a 10 min arms session in between.

Next, I dry brush using Biossance’s dry brush (more on that another time!) I hit the shower, warm water to start to wash my face – then the next 5 minutes in cold, COLD water with Necessairé Sandalwood body wash. This wakes me up and shakes the anxiety right out of me! To finish off…I complete my skin routine – tone, serum, another serum, moisturize, finally SUNSCREEN.Get dressed. I don’t come out of my guest bathroom until this whole thing is DONE. This is so I stay focused and get done quickly.

The lights go on in our house after I’m done with all of that. I feed my favorite, little, furry creature, Jagger – he brings me so much joy – and I make Steve and I smoothies for the next few days. (once again, more on smoothies another time – I have A LOT to say about the topic)

It’s roughly 6:45 at this point, I head into the workspace (the same space where I work out!) – THIS IS THE CRUCIAL STEP – I have a ritual, when it’s time to work, I open the blinds, open the window, turn on the lights + my computer and do an email skim to make sure there’s nothing urgent.

Next – meditate for 10 minutes with incense or copal burning – it’s not negotiable to skip this step.

10-12 minutes later, it’s 7AM and the work day begins! Smoothie at 9am and a mid-morning snack at 10:30.

I’m mesmerized at morning routines – LET ME KNOW YOURS!

A New Chapter

This will be just a start to uncovering my wellness journey. It’s a long, never-ending one because I am a student of life. I love learning, I love people, I love food, I love wellness.

The “before” of me was a party animal, glass half empty gal. I was just living an unhealthy lifestyle. I was always searching for the next big thing….more money, better job, better clothes and drinking a lot. There will be more on all of this as I unveil my stories. That’s the point of this site.

Right now, during this crazy quarantined life we’re in, I was guided to take my health head-on, since I have a bit more time on my hands.

The steps I’ve taken now:

  • Re-committed to a plantstrong lifestyle. For all of you curious warriors, that’s vegan, no added salat, sugar or oil diet. It sounds REALLY overwhelming – but TRUST ME, it’s doable and I am willing to share all of my hacks.
  • MEDITATE – ever since I’ve made the turn down wellness lane, I’ve dabbled in meditation, never to the extent I’m in now. I do 10 minutes (minimum) daily right before I start my work day
  • MOVEMENT – move yo’ body daily. That’s it. Nothing fancy. Get moving.

Mind. Body. Soul.

Right now, I’m down 20 pounds from late 2017. Yes, I’ve always been thin, but I was not always healthy.

I have A LOT to share and I am so happy to take a look back on my past and take you along my wellness adventure. It is an honor to inspire others.