Mind. Body. Soul.

The essential things needed to live in peace.

Yep, it all sounds overwhelming – meditating, working out and keeping a sane mind in the midst of a global pandemic that doesn’t seem to be easing up anytime soon.

I’ve been on my wellness journey for over 10 years now. It was Gabby Bernstein’s first book, Add More ~ING to Your Life that rocked my world and I am forever grateful for it. I got sober after being in LA a few years with the help of Gabby and Elisa Hallerman and it just stuck. I did the work, stayed on the course and really found my way. The sober way – a way where I didn’t even think was possible. I didn’t stop being “fun”, I didn’t lose my personality, and the word boring never comes up when talking about me. (Unless you made the judgement already that I’m sober and boring – that’s okay, but take a look at exactly WHY you would judge me. Turn inwards.) okay, no more sober talk, I’ll save that for later.

Even on the path of wellness I have been on for such a long time, I’ve always have been jarred by how the HELL can one human being do ALL of the wellness things. It seems like a lot and honestly, it seemed unachievable. I was envious of the people can get it all done while working a full time job.

Well, folks, I DID IT – Enter Laurie Santos’ class from Yale University via Coursera. LIFE CHANGING. The virtual class is called The Science of Well-Being. The course bought into the why’s of why we do all of these mind-altering things. It’s science backed. I finished the course [roughly] about 50 days ago and have been meditating daily ever since. Also, I’ve been working out and eating super-clean vegan too.

Mind. Body. Soul. Your spirit is waiting for you to dive in! Take the course to make sense of all of this!

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