San Francisco, I Love You!

I had the most amazing experience in San Francisco and Palo Alto this past weekend and I had to share the gorgeous photos I took. It was so awesome to just take a break from my life and go experience new things in a completely new city. I was only brought to SF one other time and that was with work (so blah!). This time around, I got to unwind and have some fun!

A big thank you to Kristin for hosting me and for the incredible laughs and endless girl time!

The start of the Land’s End Trail – such a beautiful hike – I am so filled with gratitude for Mother Earth in times like these!


Right off the plane, we headed straight to the Cherry Blossom Festival!

My beautiful and smart and sassy friend, Kristin hanging out at the Hotel G, where we flirted with the world and laughed a lot.
My new friend, Bean!
Another view from Land’s End Trail…
What ever happened to predictability?! The milk man… the paper boy…. evening TV!

Spring Cleaning for Me

Lately, I’ve been on a kick to keep up with my health and wellness. I’ve already recommitted to my yoga and fitness practice as well as better eating (not perfect, but I’m getting there!). Here are some things I’ve done to improve my life during this transformation spring time!

1. Start Oil Pulling – At first, I thought this was the most crazy idea – to wake up first thing and swish oil through your teeth for 15 minutes. I wondered who exactly has time for that. Well, after hearing rave reviews on it for years now, I took the plunge one day and hopped on board. 15minutes is NOTHING in the morning. I oil pull when I’m putting on my morning coffee, packing my lunch, and picking out my outfit for the day – EASY!  Try it! My mouth has never felt cleaner (now I’ve got to work on all of those F-bombs!)

2. Kundalini – Another thing I’ve put off for years! Right now, I’m obsessed with it. I can’t get enough. I found Soul of Yoga right up the street from me and they offer so many kundalini classes. It is wonderful.  The best part of the practice is in between the kriyas, there is this buzz running through my body. It’s Ah-mazing.

3. Clean Yo House – I spend Easter Sunday cleaning up my messes in my house. I loathe cleaning but it’s such a great way to feel better. Come on….get out those rags and start scrubbing!

4. Chiropractic Care – I literally just got home from my first appointment with Dr. Sage here in Encinitas and I feel so great. Spring is the perfect time to align your body, which aligns your soul. I am consistently uncomfortable and cracking my own back and now I don’t have to anymore. I’m committing myself to seeing the doc like twice a week to get my bod in tip-top shape!

5. Essential Oils – Okay, I’m obsessed. Every trip to a hippie dippy store I have to buy one and I’m A-OK with it. They are perfect for Spring! Right now, I’m digging Serenity by DoTerra, Lime and Grapefruit by Aura Cacia, and Ylang-Ylang. Put a drop or 2 in your palms, rub ’em together and it’s an automatic, all-natural mood booster. Score!

6. Juice and Smoothies – The easiest way to get fruits and veggies into your system to feel better. Go organic and go green!

Kundalini Crazy and Life

I have been immersed in self help stuff recently! I started seeing a Oneness guru privately and I’ve fallen head over heels in love with kundalini yoga. Life has been super good and I’m really connecting with myself and the results are very rewarding and are happening on a daily basis. I truly am living a pretty zen life.

More to come of kundalini and my session with the “guru” (well, like a spiritual coach but I LOATHE the word coach when it comes to this sort of thing!)


What’s In My Bag

Thank you to my friend, Rachel, for inspiring me to do this post. For some reason, I am fascinated with what people have in their bags! Maybe it’s nosey-ness but anything to get a new fun gadget or maybe a cool new natural product or organizing tip. (my bag is pretty neat – but there’s just so many lip choices I have to carry at all times. So here we go!



Bag: Big Buddha (gifted to me from my mom and sister)

Wallet: Coach (old)

Sunnies:  Oliver Peoples


I Am Powerful Chakra Crystal Mist: A little spritz to increase inner strength, energize and build confidence, release fear and open to your flu potential. (got it at the naturopath’s office and I love it and have 2 others..)

Bach Flower Essences:  A drop or 2 in my water to replace apprehension and vague fears with a sense of security and peace of mind (Found mine at Whole Foods Market for $20 – but wait for sales!)

TerrainMax Adrenal Terrain: I can’t live without this stuff! Another find from the naturopath’s office but it’s great to use all day and it helps you be less stressed!

Lip Products

Jouer Lip Gloss in Beach: It’s perfect alone with just another cover and no mirror needed to apply! (Beach is discontinued but Nude is similar)

Wet N’ Wild (Don’t laugh) Lip Stick: It’s $1.99 at CVS! The color is so vivid and it lasts for hours and hours. Perfect for my long days at work. Any particular color from this line is wonderful – I have a few


Agent 18 iPhone 5/6 Charger:  I always keep this baby on me for emergencies. It gives my phone a whole extra charge and it’s super cute. Got it at Target for $30.

So those are the things that are always in my purse excluding the tissues and the collection of receipts I’ve hoarded in a week’s time. What’s in your bag?!

Living on One Dollar

I want to take a minute to share how much I love this documentary that I found on Netflix a few weeks ago. It’s call “Living on One Dollar“. My guy and I were being super lazy on a  Sunday morning and we both couldn’t agree on anything to watch – but what we always seem to agree on is a juicy documentary.

While watching the film, I thought, “Gosh, this reminds me of the whole idea of Whole Planet Foundation” and low and behold they were a partner of the film and they indeed went into detail on how micro loans, the basis what Whole Planet does, works.

The stories are so incredibly inspiring and I was moved to tears multiple times. I realized how selfish I could be and I immediately changed my tune and started giving more to the people around me because their happiness matters.

Whole Planet Foundation is deeply rooted into my job at Whole Foods Market. I am honored to work at such a socially conscious company that is making a difference all over the world (like, over 5 million people and counting!). How I got to Whole Foods Market was through a lot of prayers asking Spirit to help me find a job where I can serve my community and the world, and here I am, over 3 years later, absolutely in love with my job.

So here is the trailer – I hope you like it!  It’s available to watch on Netflix right now.

House of Intuition – Los Angeles

I have no idea how I found this Los Angeles gem, but I did. My addiction and love started when I ordered their “Glow” spray and when it arrived on my doorstep, I was hooked – the adorable packaging, sweet notes, the design, and the lovely smell of the essentials oils in my magic spritz [that I was going to bring to work immediately]. Mmmmm just mmmmmm.

Encinitas is so close to Los Angeles, so I decided on a perfect time where me and my guy can take a ride up that way and go on a journey to House of Intuition. I have to give Mr. Stephen major props for even taking this teeny tiny step into my “new age-y” world. I believe he enjoyed it too.

The shop (we went to the one on Sunset Blvd in Echo Park) was divine. A super cute hideaway that was filled with treasures, jewelry, genuine stones and crystals, and an ever clear knowledgeable crew that made me feel welcome and loved. The tarot card readings and healers were all booked for the day, but this will make the perfect excuse to go back because these peeps are legit. I need to find the mastermind behind this business – because Encinitas needs one of these babies. Hello, franchise!

Anyway, I hope you loved my rant on this gorgeous house of awesome. Enjoy the quick snaps I took and please go and visit these gurus!





Fashion Risks to Take This Year

Dress Up The Sneaker

I’m constantly on my feet at work – so sneakers are a necessity and I go through them FAST. The goal is to glam up my sneaker-chic looks and be a fashion sensei even in sneaks!


More Chuck Taylors Please

Basically, same reason as the above. Chucks look adorable. They may not be the most comfortable thing for me, but they sure are cute and I need more of them this year!


Always Channel My Inner Mary-Kate and Ashley

OMG – every time I see any of their looks, I swoon. They are laid back, always trendy, and with a little edge. I got the messy hair and minimal make up look down – but I WILL master their style!


And lastly…

Always Radiate Kindness & Confidence

Any outfit looks better when you feel good in it….annnnnddddd…..when you smile and show kindness to others. Nothing makes me more happy than helping others. So, please pay it forward!


All images were found on Pinterest (my favorite place to hang out on the web)

Taking Charge of Your Finances…. NOW.

I am lucky and I’ve cleared up my finances when I was in my mid-late twenties and the only reason I did it is because I was so dedicated to ridding myself of the evilness of credit cards, interest and silly spending. I am so glad I was committed to my debt clearing because now I can tell you how I did it and share my learnings with the world.

Here are some step-by-step ways to clear up those bank books so you can live your life debt free and learn to LOVE money!

1. Run your credit report on Credit Karma. I love it through my iPhone… It’s an easy to read credit report and it’s absolutely free and no credit card is even needed. Running this helps you to understand exactly where you are with your debt situation and you can see if there’s any nonsense that’s not accurate. (when I first did this, I found out I owed a gym from 1998 $15 [WTF] and it was negatively effecting my credit amongst other things…)

2. Contact the mistakes and/or pay off the small debts first. This leads to small victories that lead to big change! Credit card companies actually do lower interest rates and late fees if you give them a call and act politely.

3. During this time, spend less. Do yourself a favor and stay in, watch movies, read books, and connect with your community. Sit back, relax and watch your credit karma clear…

4. Do not (I repeat, DO NOT) use your credit cards. Especially the ones that charge interest! This just leads to financial success and responsibility. The only 2 credit cards I have is… My Gold American Express card and my Best Buy card.

My relationship with money goes up and down and it goes through waves, but at 32, my relationship with money flows freely. I understand that it does come and go, I’m saving up little by little, and I know what I can and can not by and I know when to treat myself to a pair (or 5 pairs) of shoes.

I urge you to LOVE money and your finances. It feels so good to be financially free and clear of debt – but the effort you put in to clearing it up is ever greater!

Getting Real with My Wellness Routine

Let’s face it – I’m busy, you’re busy, we’re all busy. I work a pretty demanding schedule working crazy shifts and I like to go out from time to time. This year, I’m dedicated to a wellness routine that’s easy on my crazy days and keeps me in tip top shape – physically and mentally. Over 2 weeks in and I’m absolutely loving it!

Here’s what I’m up to.

1. Doreen Virtue’s Angel Cards – daily. This easy selection of a card gives me a mediative thought for the day. I draw a card with breakfast every morning. {available on}


2. Always have a good book on hand. I’m currently reading (and loving) The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer. It’s a book about tuning into your inner voice and intuition. I don’t have a lot of time to read – but I love having a good book to turn to when I don’t want to poison my mind with TV.


3. Schedule work outs. This is the one I struggle with because I hate getting sweaty and I hate driving to the gym or yoga class in rush hour when it’s the most convenient time for me. Lately, I’ve been putting them on my calendar and going with a girlfriend.

Some of my favorite work outs of the moment? Dance class at The Movement Lab in Solana Beach, Level 2 yoga at CorePower Yoga in Encinitas, a kundalini class at this little ashram on Monday nights and spin at 24 Hour Fitness. These are all only 1 hour and when you work out, you feel better.

4. Meditate Daily – 3-5 Minutes. Yes! Why? This is my gift to the world everyday. I’m happier, calm, I listen more, and I’m in touch with my intuition. Easy peezy.

Lotus position on the edge of a cliff

And yes, I’m in love with 2015 and I’m striving for the best and I’m feeling so great!