Smell of 2015: Sandalwood

Welcome to 2015, everyone! I hope the new year is really treating you with love, respect, prosperity, and happiness. It’s been amazing here.

I wanted to share a unique and natural smell I just got into on my quest to live a more natural life…. Sandalwood! I was talking to one of my fellow team members yesterday about the actual smell itself and, to me, it represents a powerful, established woman – a gal that has exactly what I want….. SANDALWOOD. It’s sexy, sensual, warm, and just smells so pretty yet earthy.

Give it a try if you dare – here are some of my sandalwood recommendations – (all available at your nearest Whole Foods Market and on

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What I’m Leaving Behind in 2014


I compare myself to others all of the time….whether it be another girl walking down the street, a fabulous blogger promoting stuff and an unrealistic lifestyle, a yoga teacher with the perfect body, etc. It’s tough not to. I’ve studied A Course In Miracles throughout the years off and on and as corny as it sounds, we are all children of God and we are all the same. Amen!


This goes hand in hand with comparison – but jealousy comes right after. This year, I came to terms with people out there living a very dishonest lifestyle. In my personal belief, I think social media has ruined this? Why? Because every posts the happy, luxe, fun moments in their life. Most of us are not promoting the disappointment, heartache, and bad days, right? (PS…I hope you’re not posting that bad/negative shit – because no one wants to hear it!)


Going right along with the theme here, when you compare yourself to others and have issues with being jealous of others, along comes greed. I’m working on this one too! This has been the year of being vocal about what I want and how I get it, but moving forward, I’m not going to be greedy. I will receive what I am worth (and that’s a lot) and the universe provides when necessary. End of story.

So tell me, we’re approaching the New Year – what are you leaving behind?

3 Things I’m Loving….Right Now

So much is happening in the world of Lahotski. Work, work, and more work, but there’s been oodles and oodles of healthy stuff too. I’m back to working out… thank you to the new 24 Hour Fitness in La Costa opening up and for all of the naughty eating I’ve been doing at work (whoops) which is motivating me to work out.

1. My New La Vie Boheme Yoga Mat:  I’m obsessed. It’s gorgeous. I’m in love. This is helping me dive deeper into my yoga practice.

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 7.25.17 PM

2. Daily Greens Juice – Elevate:  Okay, I love all of their tasty juices but ELEVATE is my favorite. It just has that not-so-green-juice taste, it has a fun flavor to it, and it’s so good for you….Organic, Non-GMO verified, HELLO!


3. Tara Stiles’ New Book…. Make Your Own Rules Diet: I had the pleasure of meeting Tara at 24 Hour Fitness in Encinitas on Monday night. She hosted a little shin-dig to promote this book and held a yoga class as well. I’m so happy I went… for one, the yoga class was to-die for. She played such killer tunes and her ‘tude was so modern and fun which inspired random giggles and a nice yoga class that I’m sore from. Oh yeah, back to the book….It’s colorful, easy to read (or flip through in my case) and is packed with recipes and tips for fitness and a healthy lifestyle. #score


That’s all for now kids, glamazons. What’s on your new favorites list? Share in the comments!

Fall Handbags

I came across this amazing guide to hand bangs from RueLaLa and got inspired to write about my favorite styles of bags. The guide expressed purse styles, brands, materials, and more. It’s pretty cool, so get over there and take a looksie.

Some of my favorites?


I like vegan materials (I am not vegan-perfect and I do own a lot of leather things, but I am working on it and making more and more eco-concious choices everyday!)


The Tote

The Pochette

The Satchel

For more handbag info and guide to taking care of your bags and more, head on over to RueLala!

California Summers

It’s pretty safe to say that I’ve had an amazing summer. I’m so blessed to love in Southern California going back and forth from San Diego to Orange County. I have the beach, 2 pools, resorts, yummy organic vegan food, and nonstop gorgeous weather. I’m a pretty lucky girl!

Here are just a few lovely moments I wanted to share…

My First Glimpse of the La Jolla Cove


A Lovely Night at Archi’s Acres (more on that and their incredible story later)


An Event at Suzie’s Farm


Got My Blonde On This Summer (into fall and maybe winter)


Thanks for looking! What are you favorite moments of summer?

My Fall Must Haves

Fringe Botties
I love them with skinny jeans, or acute dress and you can dress them up or down. For me, the more casual, the better!


Buffalo Plaid Everything
Flannel and plaid are a must for my job because it’s a super casual work environment – but you can add so much with buffalo plaid and take the look any direction you’d like. It’s so versatile!


Nike Lunar Glide 5
This is simply my sneaker of choice. I just joined them gym and these sneakers are an amazing fit and they look great with any workout wear or ripped skinny jeans!


Acid Washed Jeans
I don’t if it’s the countless episodes of Melrose Place that I’ve been watching on Netflix, but I’m loving bringing back the 90s! I think this trend is pretty risky and I’m willing to go there. Thank God I only paid $5 for mine at H&M!


Dream Catchers
My decor pick for fall. There’s already one above my desk at home and I plan on pimping out my work area at WFM with them too. (And my car, my room, etc)


My Beauty Routine

Ever since I worked for Lancome way back in the day (I was 21), skin care has fascinated me! In recent years, I’ve made the choice to go green and only use products that were eco and sustainable, but most of all, that worked on my problem/sensitive skin. 

Step 1 – Eminence Probiotic Cleanser. I found this brand through a spa I went to about a year ago and never looked back. It smells and feels so yummy!



Step 2 – Tone with Alba Hawaiian Facial Toner in the AM and Apple Cider Vinegar in the PM (1 to 1 ratio of ACV and water)

BraggsACV Alba-Botanica-Hibiscus-Facial-Toner-4705-215502-1-product2


Step 3 – John Master’s Vitamin C Anti-Aging Serum – I love the anti-aging properties. It’s lightweight, smells like citrus, and I’ve been using it for years. Yes!


Step 4 – Evan Healy’s Light Moisturize Replenishing Fluid – this is a new, recent find of mine. It’s local to San Diego, and I love that it’s SO light on my skin. It also has green tea in it – which is so beneficial to my skin. All of their ingredients are just amazing. 


I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you love skin care as much as I do! Cheers to healthy, graceful, and glowing skin! 


A Very Vegan 4th of July

I just wanted to share 2 things that I lean on for fun, holiday weekends while trying to stay healthy and on the Engine 2 train. They’re both fun and delicious and I’m sure they’ll be a crowd pleaser if you’re throwing a little BBQ or cook out this weekend.

Carrot Dogs – these are so easy and if you don’t want all of the additives and the yucky stuff in veggie dogs (or real dogs), these are for you. Carrots are now a staple in my fridge because of this recipe!


Engine 2 Burgers – my freezer is always stocked with these burgers. They are also so easy to make. Grill ’em, bake ’em, throw ’em on a pan for the stove. 

Have a safe 4th, All! 


Berry Good Night 2014

It was such an honor to be invited to Berry Good Night 2014. Hosted by Michelle and Bill Lerach in La Jolla, CA. This was a fabulous dinner featuring local chefs, eco enthusiasts, farmers, healthy little foodies and high profile friends of the community gather to talk about food sustainability (me and the boss represented Whole Foods Market La Jolla). Over 300 people were in attendance, and it really was the “scene” on June 21st. The setting and the estate it was on was beyond breath-taking. And one take-away I had from it was…”Food sustainability is not just a hippie-dippy thing anymore….it’s a lifestyle.” I will certainly remember this night forever. My pictures don’t nearly tell the story – but you can get the gist.

IMG_3905 IMG_3897 IMG_3906 IMG_3902 IMG_3908