I Have Bad Days Too

We all have bad days, let’s face it.  It’s part of being human. I’ve been on a pretty good run with daily meditation, exercising, and eating right with lots of green drinks and salads which all make me feel good, but this past weekend was a doozy for me. 

ImageIt started with the hot, hot heat here in Southern California which made me irritable. Then, I couldn’t listen to my BF’s complaining, then I was bored – that led to me being upset all day yesterday. Also, at work there’s a lot of changes coming my way which is making my moods a little bit unstable. I don’t like feeling like a loose cannon and I do think bad days are a good point to start working on yourself even harder. 

I walked into my job today with a not-so-great attitude and mood (never a good way to start the day).  After talking to some of my dear friends, I realized that all change is not bad and now is the time to buck up and deal with it. I also realized that it was okay to feel sad, mad, and bad as long I knew why and I talked about it. 

So, yes, I get bad days too and it’s all about feeling your feelings, talking about it, and then jump into the work.  Right after I left work, I ran to the Chopra Center for a 30 minute group meditation.  It felt SO GOOD. I left on a high and I just feel great. Use bad days as a starting point and go through the motions. Ask for help and advice – and do some self care – you’ll be feeling back to normal in no time!