What I’m Into Lately

Hi All! I’m making a conscious effort to blog more. I just wanted to write a simple post on some things I’m into lately! 

Agoya Yoga Tote: The lovely people at Agoya sent me a beautiful purple yoga tote loop.  It’s so minimal and chic and I take it to all of my yoga classes.  Thank you, Agoya! 


Getting this tattoo: I love triangles. They are the symbol of change. I am constantly changing. There’s also spiritual meaning in the triangle – mind, body, soul and the trilogy – father, son, holy spirit. It’s also a part of the AA symbol. Although I’m not in AA anymore (I’m still sober), it served as a major transformational time in my life.


Core Power Yoga: I’m a notorious yoga studio hopper. I like to switch things up and I can’t stand when a yoga class is the same routine over and over. I recently found my neighborhood Core Power Yoga in Encinitas.  It is literally right across the street from me. I love it and Cici’s class is my absolute favorite! 


Engine 2 Immersion Retreat: I leave for Sedona, AZ in a few days and I am so excited.  My work is sending me there to learn all about plant-strong living and living without using oil, sugar, and salt.  Sounds completely scary, but I want change in my body and my routine. I’ve done the Engine 2 Diet before and loved it and worked really well for me so I’m ready to dig deeper and learn more and be an ambassador for healthy eating in my job. Another post on that when I return! 


Engine 2 Diet, I’m a Believer

ImageSo, the last few weeks I’ve been so stressed over a Wellness Screening that my work provides – it gives team members healthy incentives to get a higher discount on things. It’s pretty rad, huh? But, last year, I flunked with wellness test with high cholesterol! I couldn’t believe it – my BMI was great, blood pressure in check, I thought I ate right and I was sort of exercising. 

This year, I committed 2 weeks to the Engine 2 Diet. It’s a no sugar, no salt, no oil, vegan diet. It’s a tough one, but I got through with minimal cheats.  

Well, the results came in and I got optimum results for the Wellness Screening. I’m so proud of myself, but I do owe a lot of credit to the Engine 2 Diet. So, I’ve decided to stick to it.  I just had to write about it to make my pledge to the universe that I’m going to do my best to stick to it. (I do allow cheats here and there to be human and not be too crazy).

Ellie.com for Fitness Lovers

This is pretty awesome! Ellie.com has extended a 20% off discount code to the readers of Grace Is The New Glam! What I love about Ellie is that their fitness wear is so comfortable with great materials. Sweat? Not a problem with these duds.  I personally love their capris for spin class and yoga!

I love looking and feeling chic and cute at the gym or in the yoga studio. It makes working out definitely more pleasant and I certainly smile more.

Sign up for a fitness-wear subscription – the price is certainly right.  You get to pick what you want and you get first dibs on new styles.  Pretty rad, huh? I’m sold. Click the pic below to get the ball rolling. See you at the gym!