5 Things

I’m losing my blog momentum – lots going on with work, working out and wellness but here’s a little run down about what’s going on in my life and 5 things I’ve been digging. What have you been diggin’ lately?

Amma’s Rose Oil – My Signature Scent  – I love love love this smell. It’s basically a sandalwood and rose oil and I get so many compliments on it. It’s a whopping $35 on Amma’s site (and EO makes it too but they are out of stock A LOT). Trust me, this stuff is gold.


Afternoons at the Pool – Steve and I moved into our place in Long Beach and we are enjoying every moment of it and taking advantage of the amenities – including this beautiful pool. Sometimes I did to just unplug, reboot and just sit back and relax!


TSC Bombshell Body Guide – Okay, I’ve never, ever done this before but I bought meal/fitness plan online but I am loving every minute of it. I’ve been in deep for almost 2 weeks now and I’m down 3 L-B’s and I feel great. Like, super great and I can see the difference in my bod. It’s so good, it’s easy and manageable! Try it!


Tony Robbins – Yep, I’ll admit, I’m a Tony Robbins newbie. I am a self-proclaimed self help book junkie and I’ve never got into Tony Robbins, until now. It took my the documentary I Am Not  Your Guru. At this point, I’m all in! He’s incredible! Check it.



Zucchini Noodles – Another thing I’m late to the party on is these bad boys. These are gluten free and AH-MAZING. It takes like 7 minutes in a pan with a TBSP of olive oil and BAM!, throw on some red sauce, add some fresh mozzerella and basil and VOILA, perfectly healthy! (I got mine at Whole Foods Market Long Beach)


Hope you enjoyed reading this one!

Engine 2 Immersion: Day 2

Sorry, no pictures yet.  I left my cell phone in my room [it’s charging].  But, yesterday was GREAT.  I think my all-time favorite part was dancing to Pharrell’s HAPPY song.  I’m transforming and all of the people around me are. 

Let’s talk about the food….it’s delicious. I’ve gotten plates of food and it’s great. Vegan, plant-strong, low fat, no salt, no sugar, no oil – (yes, no oil – yes, not even coconut oil)

Breakfast:  Oats, fruit, kale with a delicious salsa

Lunch: Nottingham spread sandwiches, salad, soup (yep, we get to eat ALL of it)

Cooking Demo:  We made our own nori rolls – SUPER YUM!

Dinner:  Beans and rice extravaganza 

The hardest part about all of this is that there is no snacking.  If you work with me or just know me, I’m ALWAYS snacking on something.  (I’ve smuggled oranges out of the dining hall twice already). Another hard part about this experience is that I am so pissed off about western medicine.  8 months ago, I spent some time with a local naturopath and they told me to keep eating eggs and meat (if fact, she said I MUST eat one egg per day for the minerals).  Well, there’s NO nutritional value in eggs – it clogs your arteries, people! I spent HUNDREDS of dollars on supplements, blood work, green drinks, etc. If you don’t believe me, there’s a few doctors here to back it up with scientific evidence. (watch Forks Over Knives, and watch it again if you’ve already seen it).

Other than that, life is good in Sedona! I can’t wait to tell you more about today….breakfast with Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn and his spitfire wife Ann, hiking, yoga, and more yummy food. 

Engine 2 Immersion: Day 1

Greetings from the Welcome Center at the Sedona Mago Retreat Center in Sedona, AZ.  It is truly magical here. The retreat center is insane – I’m in a lovely casita up on a hill and I can’t wait to explore more.  The Engine 2 portion of the retreat has been good so far, but we’re just getting started. 

Last night, we had introductions with all of the staff from Engine 2 and we all had to go in a circle and introduce ourselves. There’s 94 brave souls embarking on the same journey that I am! Dinner was great last night – I finally got a chance to try the infamous Engine 2 lasagna… Yes, it’s beyond delicious!  

I’m excited to see what else is in store for me…. my transformation has just begun.



Engine 2 Diet, I’m a Believer

ImageSo, the last few weeks I’ve been so stressed over a Wellness Screening that my work provides – it gives team members healthy incentives to get a higher discount on things. It’s pretty rad, huh? But, last year, I flunked with wellness test with high cholesterol! I couldn’t believe it – my BMI was great, blood pressure in check, I thought I ate right and I was sort of exercising. 

This year, I committed 2 weeks to the Engine 2 Diet. It’s a no sugar, no salt, no oil, vegan diet. It’s a tough one, but I got through with minimal cheats.  

Well, the results came in and I got optimum results for the Wellness Screening. I’m so proud of myself, but I do owe a lot of credit to the Engine 2 Diet. So, I’ve decided to stick to it.  I just had to write about it to make my pledge to the universe that I’m going to do my best to stick to it. (I do allow cheats here and there to be human and not be too crazy).

Let’s Support Each Other

I’m on my way to re-watch Miss Representation.  You know, the OWN Network’s first feature film.  I watched it a while back with my friend Kelsea and was really moved by the entire film. I remember after I finished watching, I felt the need to support other women.

Pretty recently, I found myself judging other women – whether it be at work, through social media, or in passing. Let me tell you, it’s not cool and it’s not being fair. Would I like myself being judged while walking down the street or through anything I posted on Instagram?  I will answer simply – NO. 

So, I’m going to use this post to empower myself and proclaim to the world – NO MORE JUDGING. And ladies, let’s be more supportive of each other. I did an experiment recently where I took someone who brought me down quite a lot with moaning, bitching, and complaining – I took that and turned it into a mentoring situation.  I turned negative conversations into positive ones and I am choosing to lead by example.  I sure feel better. 

So tonight or today – whatever it may be where you are – tell someone they look hot, smile at a stranger, or listen to a friend cry over a relationship. It’s time to start feeling good. 

Pay It Forward Day – September 15th

I just stumbled upon The Giving Keys’ video on Facebook and I had to share it on GraceistheNewGlam.com! I’m a HUGE fan of The Giving Keys and I own 2 myself.  I’m waiting for the right time to ‘pay mine forward’ and this coming Sunday might be the day. 

I discovered The Giving Keys through Mastin Kipp – and another time while I was grabbing a bite – we ran into Caitlin Crosby, the founder.  Let me tell you – this is such an amazing thing and company that gives back and puts more kindness into the world.  Buy some ‘keys’ and give them away with me on 9.15.13…..one day after my birthday! 

I Have Bad Days Too

We all have bad days, let’s face it.  It’s part of being human. I’ve been on a pretty good run with daily meditation, exercising, and eating right with lots of green drinks and salads which all make me feel good, but this past weekend was a doozy for me. 

ImageIt started with the hot, hot heat here in Southern California which made me irritable. Then, I couldn’t listen to my BF’s complaining, then I was bored – that led to me being upset all day yesterday. Also, at work there’s a lot of changes coming my way which is making my moods a little bit unstable. I don’t like feeling like a loose cannon and I do think bad days are a good point to start working on yourself even harder. 

I walked into my job today with a not-so-great attitude and mood (never a good way to start the day).  After talking to some of my dear friends, I realized that all change is not bad and now is the time to buck up and deal with it. I also realized that it was okay to feel sad, mad, and bad as long I knew why and I talked about it. 

So, yes, I get bad days too and it’s all about feeling your feelings, talking about it, and then jump into the work.  Right after I left work, I ran to the Chopra Center for a 30 minute group meditation.  It felt SO GOOD. I left on a high and I just feel great. Use bad days as a starting point and go through the motions. Ask for help and advice – and do some self care – you’ll be feeling back to normal in no time! 

Happy August

Happy August, dear friends! 

I am thrilled to be entering a new month.  I feel it in my bones that it’s going to be a great month with a lot of changes, learning challenges, and so much possibility and opportunity. I’m ready for it, are you? 

Within the last few weeks, I’ve been so busy with work, a side project, preparing for my big interview. But, through all of the business, I’ve stayed committed to my healthy eating, fitness, and most importantly, my meditation practice.  I feel AMAZING. I’ve been dealing with people and challenging situations easier and it’s a true miracle. I also started reading May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein, which I’ve had on my iPad for a while, but have been resisting for some reason.  Well, I dug in and it’s pretty awesome. My intuition is becoming stronger and stronger. I’m learning that I’m a fighter (in a good way) and I have a lot of energy in me. 

I just felt like writing a little check-in post and wish everyone a great month. I promise, after Tuesday, Aug 6th, I’ll be back in full blogging swing! 

Sending love, light, forgiveness, and positivity to you.


PS – Stay tuned for my writing on The Daily Love soon! 

3 Years Sober

ImageIf we’re friends on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll probably know that today is my 3rd sober birthday. It’s a special day to me and one day that I still can’t believe I’m sober this long! It’s a miracle! 

So, 3 years and a day ago, I was talking to a friend or family member about my upcoming wisdom teeth surgery, saying how scared I was, and how I never want doctors to put me under, etc. Finally, after 15 years of being told I needed to get the wisdom teeth out, I scheduled the appointment for July 26th, 2010. The night before, I had a few vodka tonics with a BFF and said – “I think I’m going to stop drinking for a while”. Around that same time, I was meeting a bunch of super people that made sobriety look glamourous, I’ve paid the price of a hang over too many times, and I was unhappy. 

The not-sober me was lost, jealous, mean, judgemental, unhappy, unclear, and unhealthy. I was dating (and hooking up with) every guy that was wrong for me. I got high off of drama and gossip. I spent so much money on partying, it was unreal. The time came where enough was enough.  There was too many close calls of DUIs, friendship divorces, and unhealthy behavior. 

Gabrielle Bernstein hooked me up with my first and only sponsor at a lecture in LA and 3 years later here I am. In the past few years, my life has changed. I feel beautiful on the inside and out, have a great job and supportive friends and coworkers, live in  sunny San Diego, and I am in love for the first time with an amazing man. I never thought I would ever be this happy or that I deserved all of this. 

If any of this is sounding familiar and you’re tinkering with the idea of stopping drinking, I’m here to help.  I love assisting people. It helps me grow as a human being. There’s a lot more to tell on this story, so I’ll post more soon! 

The iloveme Ring – and Why You Should Buy It Now


Everyday I wear this ring called the iloveme ring by Be Well with Arielle. I get compliments on it multiple times per day. I love it so much. 

ImageHere’s the story on why I love it so much…. I was in a great transition of my life at the time with a new job, new apartment, new car, happily single, etc. I was starting to channel in the new me.  This ring was the ultimate treat for myself.  I wanted and admired it and loved the meaning behind it – simply ILOVEME. At that point of my life, I was half way there to loving myself. Today, I love all of myself and the ring and many self help books were the start of it. 

Arielle is offering $50 dollars off of the iloveme collection on her website for the summer – so now is the time to buy. I may even get another one because 2 rings looks so sexy and sassy! 

Learn more about Arielle here