Let’s Support Each Other

I’m on my way to re-watch Miss Representation.  You know, the OWN Network’s first feature film.  I watched it a while back with my friend Kelsea and was really moved by the entire film. I remember after I finished watching, I felt the need to support other women.

Pretty recently, I found myself judging other women – whether it be at work, through social media, or in passing. Let me tell you, it’s not cool and it’s not being fair. Would I like myself being judged while walking down the street or through anything I posted on Instagram?  I will answer simply – NO. 

So, I’m going to use this post to empower myself and proclaim to the world – NO MORE JUDGING. And ladies, let’s be more supportive of each other. I did an experiment recently where I took someone who brought me down quite a lot with moaning, bitching, and complaining – I took that and turned it into a mentoring situation.  I turned negative conversations into positive ones and I am choosing to lead by example.  I sure feel better. 

So tonight or today – whatever it may be where you are – tell someone they look hot, smile at a stranger, or listen to a friend cry over a relationship. It’s time to start feeling good.