3 Years Sober

ImageIf we’re friends on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll probably know that today is my 3rd sober birthday. It’s a special day to me and one day that I still can’t believe I’m sober this long! It’s a miracle! 

So, 3 years and a day ago, I was talking to a friend or family member about my upcoming wisdom teeth surgery, saying how scared I was, and how I never want doctors to put me under, etc. Finally, after 15 years of being told I needed to get the wisdom teeth out, I scheduled the appointment for July 26th, 2010. The night before, I had a few vodka tonics with a BFF and said – “I think I’m going to stop drinking for a while”. Around that same time, I was meeting a bunch of super people that made sobriety look glamourous, I’ve paid the price of a hang over too many times, and I was unhappy. 

The not-sober me was lost, jealous, mean, judgemental, unhappy, unclear, and unhealthy. I was dating (and hooking up with) every guy that was wrong for me. I got high off of drama and gossip. I spent so much money on partying, it was unreal. The time came where enough was enough.  There was too many close calls of DUIs, friendship divorces, and unhealthy behavior. 

Gabrielle Bernstein hooked me up with my first and only sponsor at a lecture in LA and 3 years later here I am. In the past few years, my life has changed. I feel beautiful on the inside and out, have a great job and supportive friends and coworkers, live in  sunny San Diego, and I am in love for the first time with an amazing man. I never thought I would ever be this happy or that I deserved all of this. 

If any of this is sounding familiar and you’re tinkering with the idea of stopping drinking, I’m here to help.  I love assisting people. It helps me grow as a human being. There’s a lot more to tell on this story, so I’ll post more soon! 

Wellness Wednesdays – Feeling Brave

These last few weeks have been a whirlwind and I am really starting to feel brave in my ripe age of 30. Last week, I posted this blog to my network of friends which I was deathly afraid of. I’m going for an opportunity at work that I never thought would come available and never thought I’d be supported on – and I faced my fears of health and got blood work done to see if I am indeed healthy. 

ImageBeing Brave by releasing my blog: I decided I’m really going to put myself out there and not be embarrassed of who I am. I’m spiritual. I’m sober. I believe in God. I pray every night and meditate in the morning. I used to be afraid to admit these things to people – because I was afraid of judgement. With putting my fear aside, I may actually be able to help someone – which is a miracle. 

Being Brave at work: I get really uncomfortable with work stuff because I had a few rough spats in my career over the past 15 years. After a long journey, I’m in a job and company that I love and want to grow with.  After talking the talk of wanting to move up – I’m going for a new opportunity. Pretty rad, huh? Wish me luck! 

Being Brave at the Doctor’s: I was lucky to meet the fine folks over at Bloom Natural Health through my job.  It led to me doing a full bloodwork panel that I’ve never done before – because I was deathly afraid I was going to find out that I’m dying. I faced my fears and got my results back today. Surprisingly, I am not dying – and I am one healthy young lady, but I do have areas to work on. My brave face paid off and I feel so much better! 

So,  beautiful people, I encourage you to be brave.  Take chances. Face your fears.  In the end, you feel a hell of a lot better. Life is too short!

Release your fears in the comments section (and to the universe). 

The Story on Lahotski

ImageFor starters, Lahotski is my last name pronounced exactly like it’s spelled…LA HOT SKI. I came to terms with my last name from a theatre class at Penn State University when everyone just started to call me that – and I liked it. 

I was born and raised in Scranton, PA. Ventured off to Penn State’s main campus at the age of 19 – graduated – and a year later and made it out to Los Angeles where I spent 8 incredible years. During that time, I dated up a storm, met so awesome people (as well as some idiots) and started on my journey of adulthood. I went through many jobs learning that the entertainment industry is not so fun and wound up in marketing.  Don’t worry, I’m still in marketing and I love it. I also drank [alcohol] a lot – which became a problem while I was dating and working. 

Approximately 3 years ago, I decided to become sober. I changed my job of 4 and a half years, moved apartments, and got a Prius. This began my road to recovery and who I am today. I was and am inspired by many along the way – the first being Gabrielle Bernstein – then Marianne Williamson, and Michael Beckwith, and many more. I’m fully on a spiritual path and am determined to make spirituality cool. 

Right now, I stand tall – I love my life, my family, my boyfriend, my friends and my spirituality! Don’t worry – you’ll learn more about me soon enough – but consider this the preface. 

I’m eco friendly, fitness-savvy, beauty-product lovin’, fashion-foward and a true Spirit Junkie [as Gabby Bernstein would call it]!

Please enjoy my stories, reviews, and more – and don’t be shy to leave comments.