3 Magic Words

ImageI had some time this morning so I put on the 3 Magic Words movie via Netflix while sipping on my hot water and lemon. Interesting concept…. Towards the end of the film, the 3 magic words are I-AM-GOD. The notion that we all are God is pretty profound if you ask me. Til this day, I still get a little weirded out when using the G-word around people – because I’m never sure on how others will react.  (As time goes on, it does get easier and all of my inner posse use the word all the time – AWESOME!) 

Here’s to say I was inspired.  We should all feel that God is within us and we have this crazy power each and every moment of the day. I’ve come to ask myself….How can I channel my inner goddess better? For starters, I can meditate and do yoga more – but maybe it’s talking more freely about spirituality and not caring about what others think. Also pump positivity in me through books, quotes, social media and throw all of the nonsense and gossip and not healthy stuff out the door. 

What’s your thoughts on this? I’d love to hear! 


Quote of the Day: “Honor yourself. Worship yourself.  Meditate on yourself. God dwells within you as you.” ~Swami Muktananda