Things I’m Loving Right Now

CorePower Yoga – Del Mar. I love their chic, yellow and gray decor, friendly staff and instructors, and that it’s a nice teeny tiny walk from my work. Also, you work out HARD and sweat your brains out! Absolutely in love with this place – check it out and get your OM on! 

Spiritual Gangster and for work out gear. I just love both of these lines. Spiritual Gangster is basically lounge wear (or to-and-from yoga wear as well). I love their unique take on yoga culture. is ultimate fitness gear.  For $50 a month you get 2 pieces of high-quality work out clothes delivered to your door. [20% off to readers!] – Their summer line looks SICK – check it out! 

Holy Detox Tea by Zen’s Tea House. This is my mad find at the Long Beach Farmer’s Market this weekend. I’m slowly breaking out of coffee in the morning – so this is a crazy-rad replacement.  It’s fruity with some substance. Great for your skin, your gut, and detoxing! 

Rise Bars. This is one of my go-to bars. I have them in my purse, my car, my gym bag. They go with me wherever. They are local to Orange County and contain great ingredients to keep me healthy. They’re found at Whole Foods Markets. (added bonus:  they’re gluten free)

Suja Juice’s Lemon Love. Holy spicy, Batman! This drink is my sober cocktail.  Besides stimulating your digestive enzymes, it is delicious. It’s lemon water with a kick. Think, an amazing tasting master cleanse. I can’t drink enough of this stuff. Be careful, though, this addiction could cost you.