Engine 2 Immersion: Day 2

Sorry, no pictures yet.  I left my cell phone in my room [it’s charging].  But, yesterday was GREAT.  I think my all-time favorite part was dancing to Pharrell’s HAPPY song.  I’m transforming and all of the people around me are. 

Let’s talk about the food….it’s delicious. I’ve gotten plates of food and it’s great. Vegan, plant-strong, low fat, no salt, no sugar, no oil – (yes, no oil – yes, not even coconut oil)

Breakfast:  Oats, fruit, kale with a delicious salsa

Lunch: Nottingham spread sandwiches, salad, soup (yep, we get to eat ALL of it)

Cooking Demo:  We made our own nori rolls – SUPER YUM!

Dinner:  Beans and rice extravaganza 

The hardest part about all of this is that there is no snacking.  If you work with me or just know me, I’m ALWAYS snacking on something.  (I’ve smuggled oranges out of the dining hall twice already). Another hard part about this experience is that I am so pissed off about western medicine.  8 months ago, I spent some time with a local naturopath and they told me to keep eating eggs and meat (if fact, she said I MUST eat one egg per day for the minerals).  Well, there’s NO nutritional value in eggs – it clogs your arteries, people! I spent HUNDREDS of dollars on supplements, blood work, green drinks, etc. If you don’t believe me, there’s a few doctors here to back it up with scientific evidence. (watch Forks Over Knives, and watch it again if you’ve already seen it).

Other than that, life is good in Sedona! I can’t wait to tell you more about today….breakfast with Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn and his spitfire wife Ann, hiking, yoga, and more yummy food. 

Engine 2 Immersion: Day 1

Greetings from the Welcome Center at the Sedona Mago Retreat Center in Sedona, AZ.  It is truly magical here. The retreat center is insane – I’m in a lovely casita up on a hill and I can’t wait to explore more.  The Engine 2 portion of the retreat has been good so far, but we’re just getting started. 

Last night, we had introductions with all of the staff from Engine 2 and we all had to go in a circle and introduce ourselves. There’s 94 brave souls embarking on the same journey that I am! Dinner was great last night – I finally got a chance to try the infamous Engine 2 lasagna… Yes, it’s beyond delicious!  

I’m excited to see what else is in store for me…. my transformation has just begun.



Engine 2 Diet, I’m a Believer

ImageSo, the last few weeks I’ve been so stressed over a Wellness Screening that my work provides – it gives team members healthy incentives to get a higher discount on things. It’s pretty rad, huh? But, last year, I flunked with wellness test with high cholesterol! I couldn’t believe it – my BMI was great, blood pressure in check, I thought I ate right and I was sort of exercising. 

This year, I committed 2 weeks to the Engine 2 Diet. It’s a no sugar, no salt, no oil, vegan diet. It’s a tough one, but I got through with minimal cheats.  

Well, the results came in and I got optimum results for the Wellness Screening. I’m so proud of myself, but I do owe a lot of credit to the Engine 2 Diet. So, I’ve decided to stick to it.  I just had to write about it to make my pledge to the universe that I’m going to do my best to stick to it. (I do allow cheats here and there to be human and not be too crazy).

One. Amazing. Dinner.

I was so lucky to be invited to dinner with 2 of my new friends – Sarah and Peter of Cooking Imagewith CSA. I met them through work – and we all instantly clicked.  After teaching 2 killer classes at my store, it was time to take things out of WFM! They invited.  I accepted. And then to meditation and dinner we went.

So, I went into the experience knowing Sarah and Peter could cook and I was eager to see what they would serve up at their house (they are super organic vegan and work directly with the local farmers which is SO COOL).  Sarah made a killer salad with all fresh ingredients that I would never think of putting together paired with a homemade fresh dressing….followed by a rad veggie lasgana!

What was best about our hang out was that I left feeling happy and inspired. We talked, we laughed, we shared stories. It was the simplest and most amazing fun to be had. I really appreciate my new friends and I’m hoping we could do it again soon.  Maybe I’ll even cook (with Sarah’s help, of course).

Maybe they’ll share the recipes if we ask nicely. Image

And…if you have time, check out their website, Cooking with CSA, for monthly recipes using seasonal and organic ingredients.