Why I’m Going to Tulum

I’m sitting here on the floor of my apartment (yes, we have an office and a gorgeously fluffy couch and I’m choosing the floor!), hair braided, suitcase packed and zipped….I’m ready to officially start my journey to Tulum. Why not publicly set my intention to why I’m going?

My friend, spiritual mentor and guide, Heather Lindemenn, announced that she was doing a retreat to Tulum. The uniqueness of Tulum always called to me, but I’d never thought I’d go, just because of the sheer fact that it’s Mexico – and it’s “not that far” from me. Going on an adventure with Heather peaked my interest a bit – but again, nah, it’s cool. I’m going to Europe this summer. I’m good.

Well, I’ve been meditating in the morning religiously for months and the Yucatan came up! I had a calling to go. A day later, Heather and I hopped on a phone call, she basically waved her connected wand of the universe and I was IN. So IN. My heart felt alive and the doors opened.

So – why am I going?

I’ve always been a spirit junkie. I’ve always wanted to do sacred travel. (John of God is next, maybe India too, who knows). This was a great opportunity I just couldn’t pass up. It felt right. The pieces fell into place with no struggle. My gut told me YES YES YES.

Clearing Anxiety. I’ve suffered from anxiety since I was in my early 20’s when I was drinking A LOT. It started up in full-force last year when rapid changes were made at the company I was working at. It was bad but I moved on from that job, thankfully, but slidĀ into another one – and again, anxiety is it a high. I dealt with it today. I’m hoping this trip will hit the “reset” button for me and anxiety is no more. (no one should have to put up with the symptoms I get – dizziness, shortness of breath, can’t swallow, headache – AWFUL!)

Enhancing My Work. I’ve always loved work. I’m obsessed with it. Both of my parents worked their asses off my entire life. I want to work with purpose and love. I do love what I do but sometimes I take things too personally or I take things so seriously. I want to let that shit go, but still be fiery, amazing and one of those people you always want to come to work to see and work with. I want to be a courageous leader. I want to be looked up to. I want to be that honest team member that lights up the room. It’s me and it’s happening.

Financial Freedom. It’s coming and I’m so close but this is always on my mind. Someone once said to me, “it’s not about a certain amount of money, it’s about being financially free!”. She was filthy rich and had literally everything I wanted: a quaint little house in the 90210, 2 cars, a closet filled with designer clothes, a delightful and successful group of friends and a really famous career. A successful career that she comfortably left to follow her heart. She inspired me and I think of her often, even through we lost touch. I know I too can have those things and more. And I’m asking God to lead the way for me…

Deepening My Relationships. We all can use some help in this department, but I want to be connected to everyone around me. Especially my family, my boyfriend, my friends and co-workers. I’m thinking less jealous, less judgmental, and more supportive, more loving.

I also want to add once I committed to this journey, all of the above notes started little by little unfolding. These are the things I want and I am working towards.

Tulum, here I come. I can’t wait to meet you. I can’t wait to meet the 4 other girls. I can’t wait to go to the ancient Mayan healer in the jungle!