Welcome to San Diego, Veggie Grill

ImageIf you know me personally, you know that I’m a huge fan and frequent visitor of Veggie Grill whenever I’m visiting the BF in Seal Beach or cruising through LA.  Well, yesterday, Veggie Grill threw a VIP party at their newest location in San Diego (about 12 miles from Encinitas). BF and I went and had a great time. I even tried a new salad off the menu! 

Today, Veggie Grill opened its doors to San Diego – and I highly recommend it. It is wonderfully vegan and yummy! 

[in the pic: top – the atmosphere is amazing bottom left – B-wings (my FAVORITE) bottom right – Baja Fiesta salad

Veggie Grill UTC is located in the UTC Shopping Center (near Macy’s) at 4353 La Jolla Village Dr. La Jolla, CA 92122 (Phone # (858) 458-0031). For more locations, info, and their awesome menu, go to www.veggiegrill.com

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