The iloveme Ring – and Why You Should Buy It Now


Everyday I wear this ring called the iloveme ring by Be Well with Arielle. I get compliments on it multiple times per day. I love it so much. 

ImageHere’s the story on why I love it so much…. I was in a great transition of my life at the time with a new job, new apartment, new car, happily single, etc. I was starting to channel in the new me.  This ring was the ultimate treat for myself.  I wanted and admired it and loved the meaning behind it – simply ILOVEME. At that point of my life, I was half way there to loving myself. Today, I love all of myself and the ring and many self help books were the start of it. 

Arielle is offering $50 dollars off of the iloveme collection on her website for the summer – so now is the time to buy. I may even get another one because 2 rings looks so sexy and sassy! 

Learn more about Arielle here

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