My AM Routine

I love a solid morning routine and here’s mine.

Disclaimer: I am a morning person, always have been, I’m pretty sure I always will be. Also, I’m not writing this to frustrate anyone or to invoke comparison; just hoping to inspire and share what works for me. I thrive in a routine.

So, let’s dive into it!

Monday-Friday, the work week for me currently, I wake up at 5am. I sip some water, slap on my Apple watch without even hitting the lights. I get changed right into my workout gear and hit the Peloton hard. A do a series of options that they have: definitely a 30-45 min ride, abs at the end, and a 10 min arms session in between.

Next, I dry brush using Biossance’s dry brush (more on that another time!) I hit the shower, warm water to start to wash my face – then the next 5 minutes in cold, COLD water with Necessairé Sandalwood body wash. This wakes me up and shakes the anxiety right out of me! To finish off…I complete my skin routine – tone, serum, another serum, moisturize, finally SUNSCREEN.Get dressed. I don’t come out of my guest bathroom until this whole thing is DONE. This is so I stay focused and get done quickly.

The lights go on in our house after I’m done with all of that. I feed my favorite, little, furry creature, Jagger – he brings me so much joy – and I make Steve and I smoothies for the next few days. (once again, more on smoothies another time – I have A LOT to say about the topic)

It’s roughly 6:45 at this point, I head into the workspace (the same space where I work out!) – THIS IS THE CRUCIAL STEP – I have a ritual, when it’s time to work, I open the blinds, open the window, turn on the lights + my computer and do an email skim to make sure there’s nothing urgent.

Next – meditate for 10 minutes with incense or copal burning – it’s not negotiable to skip this step.

10-12 minutes later, it’s 7AM and the work day begins! Smoothie at 9am and a mid-morning snack at 10:30.

I’m mesmerized at morning routines – LET ME KNOW YOURS!

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